For the upcoming assignment on Meditation, I hope to have as many positive outcomes that lead to motivation throughout my day not only a positive and clear state of mind. Some things I plan on doing different while I meditate for this project will be changing the times I meditate and the locations all around my house because why not, but I hope to explore the different outcomes of it meaning, testing out how my day is before and how it turns out after I mediate. Maybe It will leave me feeling worse and groggy or I will feel refreshed although I have never felt groggy after meditating before, but again you never know. It can also depend on the day. If my day is very busy, it can leave me feeling energized or if my day is long and exhausting, the mediation can put me into an energized phase, or then again it can put me to sleep leaving me worse than I was before. I am excited to experiment and log on this.
I have tried Headspace, Mesmerize, Breethe, My life, Insight Timer and Ten Percent. I am going to use two. The two that I choose is Insight timer and Breethe.
This two I believe will work best for me because the app lets you choose different setting for your individual comfort. The Insight timer app checks in with you, how you are doing physically, mentally and emotionally. It has different setting of comfort for what kind of exercise you’ll like to do. It has live events where you can attend and listen to a live instructor which I think is pretty cool.
The Breethe app has three different settings as well, go to sleep, take a break and Start your day. It lets you set your top goals and has different meditation settings. It also asks you about your personal life, Health issues, dealing with difficult situations, trouble falling asleep and also gives you the option to choose different Therapies. This is why I choose these two apps. I feel I can benefit from them the best and get the most out of them. Although I will be using two apps for the majority of the time, I am going to experiment with spiritual music for a couple of days and see where that goes. I plan on doing the whole nine, folding my legs like a buddha. Even cross my fingers at the end. This should be fun and relaxing.

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  1. Anil, really love that you are going to experiment with different timing and location of your meditations–what a rich opportunity for reflection!

    While I appreciate your enthusiasm for incorporating different apps, for this particular project, you need to just work with one app for 14 consecutive days. Doing two apps and programs may seem appealing, but it will be different to develop consistency on that front. So please decide which one you want to pursue for the two weeks. You can always use another program after these initial two weeks are up (I sincerely hope that you and others will want to continue a meditation practice–and as I mentioned in class, there may be some extra credit involved later in the semester for those who want to continue on past the 14 days). A friendly reminder to please edit your post to also include links for the apps.

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