Class Notes – 4/6

Class began with meditation on “Acceptance” Daily Calm

The goal of the meditation was to stay focused and repeatedly bring ourselves back instead of zoning out.

After meditation we were to write a response regarding our experience and a response to the question “How can you soften resistance for what can’t be changed right now”.

To soften resistance the general answer was to learn to accept no matter how tough it may be and work on a strategy. Everything can be accepted.

Blog post due before next class Thursday, April 8th.
Explain what you expect to come out of the upcoming assignment on meditation due April 27th, the expectations may be worries, hopes or fears. Also pick a meditation program/app and explain why you chose that one along with an explanation to what you evaluated with links(make sure to evaluate at least 3 different apps/programs). It is preferred you do a guided meditation that is at least 10 minutes a day (Longer than that or multiple sessions is encouraged) Keep a log of the experience along with your reflective journaling before and after.

Good apps to explore:
-Incite time
-Head space
-Calm app

Next class we will spend time towards the end of the class discussing the book (The Power of Now). Make sure you have a clear understanding of all the chapters as they will be discussed. Keep in mind while reviewing where the book relates to meditation.

Next class notes – Ajah

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