People’s Choice #6: The Power of Now

For this week’s People’s Choice, you’ll be reading one another’s blogs on the The Power of Now and choosing your favorite post. Comment here to register your vote, & don’t forget to include the name of your classmate, the link to their post, and your rationale for choosing it. Due Thursday, 3/25 by 9am. Happy reading/voting 🙂

8 thoughts on “People’s Choice #6: The Power of Now”

  1. My People’s Choice goes to Maria for her post titled, “The Power of Now.”

    The Power of Now

    I chose her post because vividly described the book in a lot of details. She mentioned a lot of quotes that grabbed her attention while reading the book, which she then explained what and how they made her feel. As stated by Maria, “I fully disagree with what the author says on page 172, ‘we as individuals are not complete, we are one-half of the whole.’ I believe we each are a whole, and when it comes to man and woman being in a relationship, I prefer to say that each of them is a whole, because saying that we are a half put us in a mindset that we can never be fully happy by ourselves, because allegedly we individually are incomplete (a half).” I totally agree with her statement about disagreeing with the author.

  2. My vote for people’s choice goes to Maria

    The Power of Now

    In my opinion reading Maria’s very detailed response to the book will give anyone who hasn’t read the book a great idea of what to expect when reading. She provides multiple ideas that Tolle presents in his book and explains not only what the idea is but why they stood out to her. I counted and Maria mentioned a different page number THIRTY TIMES. Maria had a great mixture of quality and quantity and that’s why I chose her.

  3. The Power of Now

    I vote for Maria this week for People’s Choice. I find her post very informative and love the way she broke each subject down so it is easy to understand. I also enjoyed that she related each subject to her own behavior making it more relatable.

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