Class Notes 03/18/21

At the beginning of class we went over the pandemic blog and how writing affected each of us as all of our experiences were different. Professor will be posting tools for mental wellness and pandemic journaling that are available online. This is not mandatory, but provided as an aid to help you along your journey.  

We participated in our second group meditation subject was releasing anxiety. We were given keep points to keep in mind during our experience to keep in mind to enhance our responses. 

  • Describe in as much detail as possible.
  • What feelings are you experiencing both negative and positive.
  • Focus on body and mind in the moment.
  • How is your body reacting in accordance to your feelings.
  • Be present in the moment without thinking of what you will write in the responses
  • Ideally your posture should be sitting upright, facing forward, be mindful of hand placement, cross your legs if possible, and feet should be grounded.
  • Allow the background noise to sink in and fade away into it.
  • If you feel yourself  drifting off re-center yourself.  

As a key point to keep in mind for all blogging would be to turn the blog engagement into yourselves. 

Reminders for this week

Side note-

 I would like to apologize to the class and professor about the timing in which I posted the class notes and notes I may be missing as I had a medical emergency. 


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  1. No worries Courtney … thanks for getting these notes up, and I hope that everything is OK with you.

    (If anyone has anything they’d like to add to the notes for Th 3/18, feel free to drop a comment here)

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