People’s Choice Post #5: Pandemic Processing

For this week’s People’s Choice, you’re exploring the Pandemic Processing blogs and choosing your favorite post.

Comment here to register your vote, & don’t forget to include the name of your classmate, the link to their post, and your rationale for choosing it. Due Saturday, 3/20. Happy reading/voting 🙂

Thanks again for sharing your reflections about the ongoing pandemic, and the somber anniversary of it. It has been a very difficult year for all, in so many ways, and I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability in sharing your reality of that with us all. Sending strength and healing your way, as we all continue to navigate this collective trauma.

9 thoughts on “People’s Choice Post #5: Pandemic Processing”

  1. My vote this week is for Reem! She took out the time to send condolences for lives lost, mentioned self organization , reflection, and shed light on the unnecessary grudges we sometimes hold. Her positivity was nice.

    Pandemic Processing

  2. For this weeks people choice, I vote for Niyomi. I related to her experience with the build up of the virus alot. She says that when it started in china she didn’t worry as much and I also felt that way along with feeling a little paranoid when it started spreading across the world. She also mentioned not feeling like wearing a mask because it didn’t seem necessary and I remember thinking, “If I leave with a masks I feel like I’m going to be the only one out there with it, and look crazy” She continues to mention things I relatew to alot and that’s why I picked her. I also have the bad habit of saying “We was” so it’s kind of funny to see she does the same.

  3. My vote this week is for Niyomi.

    I believe we had similar experiences when covid first reached the United States. I had felt weird about needing to wear the mask around other people outside, which shouldn’t have been the case. And I also agreed with her when she stated “the pandemic gave me and my family the opportunity to hang out more and spend more time with each other.”

  4. My People’s Choice goes to Courtney for her post titled, “My Pandemic Experience.”

    My Pandemic Experience

    I chose her post because I felt like she really explained how the pandemic really affected her life when it came to her mental and physical being. She was very descriptive in how her job changed due to the pandemic. But most importantly, I was glad to have read that she was able to gain some positive things through the past year. As she stated, “My mental exhaustion is held at bay because of Bentley and NiKlaus. I needed them as much as they needed me. Providing them with a safe space ultimately provided me with comfort and that unconditional love only a pet owner would understand. It got me through my job’s obstacles, school being online and finally getting a computer, along with my health.”

    1. I accidentally posted my comment before finishing*

      My people’s choice vote goes to Reem because I love how her post mentioned a lot of positives such as her discovering she wants to pursue graphic design. I always really enjoyed her art.

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