Pandemic Prossessing

Before the pandemic everything seemed to be going real normal. But then I’m February there was this news saying that someone got COVID 19 in China. In my head I’m like that’s way too far from us so I didn’t even pay it no mind. But everyday I would watch the news the locations of where people were getting COVID was getting closer to me so I was getting scared. When it finally hit New York it wasn’t all that bad. I was still commuting to school and then to work like I normally do. Things were still open. Every day the news would say something new. For example people had to start buying and wearing masks I didn’t wear it first because I felt I would look weird with it on so I didn’t buy one or put one on. A bunch of people didn’t put one on. One day early in the morning I was watching the news and they were saying that we would be going on lockdown and that we would have to stack up on me and supplies in order to stay safe because we were not allowed outside unless we were essential workers. Me and my family went to the supermarket and tried to grab hand sanitizer, Clorox and etc, but they were all ran out. All supermarkets were empty they barely had anything we were lucky to find some supplies before the lockdown.  Then we finally shut down.
During the pandemic it was very difficult for teachers to figure out how are they going to switch to remote and
continue teaching us. It took a while for them to switch because they had to download different apps and test them out to see which one works best. Most teachers picked zoom and most picked collaborate ultra on blackboard. For the submitting work was also difficult because teachers also had to test out which one best works and gives no problems. For work we had to switch to remote also we used Google meets for our meetings and sometimes zoom. Working from home was stressful for me because I felt that at home i did more than I would usually do. Here and there I would step outside keep a 6ft distance and wear a mask. I feel the pandemic was also a benefit to many people because I barely can hang with my family because we was always working and then we come home go straight to bed. So the pandemic gave me and family the opportunity to hang out more and spend more time with each other. We would watch movies, play games and etc. My father had got COVID and I think I may have gotten it but I didn’t get any symptoms so that was weird to me. Neither did my dad we was acting normal and everything. But COVID has been the worse disease to ever come and I hope one day we can throw away all of our masks and go back to normal.

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