Pandemic Processing

This year has taught me a-lot. Not only has everything changed. But it has turned to a way in which can be unbelievable. It is crazy to think about professional sports was shut down In a matter of days. The NBA suspended its season after a player tested positive. The NFL and MLB season did not start yet so they already had a plan of what to do. Fans were not able to come to the arena to watch them play. The NBA all star game was in Georgia and the commissioner made it clear that it will be a Tv event only. Encouraging all fans to watch on tv and refrain from throwing parties or even travel to Atlanta. Only recently they have started letting fans back into he arena and only by a limited capacity. Everyone needs to be wearing masks everywhere they go. Also recently they came out with a vaccine and is encouraging everyone to take it.

This year has taught me a-lot. This virus proves that nothing is permanent. What is important is your family, and your friends. Everything is temporary, from school to work. Enjoying your life is sometimes the best thing you can do because in the matter of a blink of an eye everything can be over in a flash. It the simplest things that can effect you the most. From going to work, getting dressed to hop in the car/train on your way to work which eventually you will see your coworkers to turning on the computer and going on a Zoom call. From meeting my professors in person, sitting down in your chair and reaching down to open your bag to taking out your books to copying down notes, you are switched to turning on your computer and logging onto a zoom call which I will see my professors through.

During the school semester, I would only need to go on the computer to do a research assignment or project or simply h.w. Now it is switched to every day logging on to zoom for everything. If I am the first to admit, I never thought I would take an online class in college, but now that the times have changed, it not really an option. It is the only way. In my opinion, online school is much harder than in class learning. The new thing is zoom call. Advertised everywhere. You watch tv and see shows where the actors are wearing masks. It is the new reality .

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