My Pandemic Processing

When it comes to my life right now, there is not too many differences from before the global pandemic of the coronavirus existed. But I definitely wish that I could go back in time and do things differently. To compare living in New York and in Trinidad, I would say that the people who I miss the most are my family and friends in Trinidad because they are going through it badly when it comes to the economy and government, when they have not experienced the thousands of cases and deaths like we have. These people include my grandfather, aunts, uncles and cousins, as well as friends because I have spent most of my life there with them.

I would say that I think the pandemic has not have much positive impacts on your mental health because it has me thinking to really change my life for the better. Therefore, the negative impacts on my health would be stressing over school, work, and my home responsibilities. It has also had me thinking negatively about my life in trying to figure out if it is going to get back to normal and be successful in the future. Before the pandemic, things that I never realized I was grateful for was being able to go to school and going out to have fun without masks and sanitizing frequently. My grandparents and mother use to say that outside is not running away and there is plenty of time to party and travel when you finish school. But now we all wonder if things are ever going to get back to normal again.

I would say that after the pandemic, hopefully that is very soon, my behavior would not change too much, but I can definitely say that my mindset will. Due to the pandemic, I would say that what I learnt about myself is to really watch certain situations differently when it comes to money, emotions, relationships with others, etc. My greatest fears and anxieties at the moment would be to not get bite in the back for things I have done to help others and try new things to better myself. Recently, I have been going through a lot that seems to have been going that way. But I really hope that it does not get to the point where I would want to give up on life. Some ways that I think would help me to manage my anxiety can be to do some mediations like what we did in class, as well as talk to my family and friends. When it comes to social media, I think I have been using it a lot more lately since the start of the pandemic because we were all mostly insolating ourselves from the world outside. I could not help but look at it each day for a few hours wondering who, what, where, when, why and how things were going for my family, friends, acquaintances, and strangers.

I have tried to start some self-care techniques when it comes to facial products, my daily diet and exercising routines, but unfortunately, I have not been doing so well. When it comes to the pandemic, I have understood some things about it when I watch news, reading up on articles and scroll down my social media accounts. There is this specific game that I recently played for an assignment for one of my current classes, known as ARTH 2101ID Healing the Body: The Visual Culture of Medicine Interdisciplinary. For this assignment, the game I played is call “Plague.” I found it be very intriguing in the way the game was designed. I found it be fun in creating and spreading a bacterium all over the world. Plus, I also found it to be very creepy and distributing like a horror movie because I heard laughter and singing of little children. I would definitely play it again some time, as well as recommend it others as an educational and entertaining game to test one’s mind.

In my personal opinion and not to get too political, I think the government has not handled Covid-19 well, especially the previous president of the United States of America. I say this because when it was first introduced as something major and possibly happening in China, he should have taken some guidelines into placed to avoid the thousands of cases and deaths that happened over the last year. When it comes to my family and friends back in Trinidad, I would say that one of my female friends from high school have struggled the most during this time. I can not say exactly what went on in her life here because it is confidential, and I have been helping her to the point where I feel like it has taken a big toll on me. I think Covid-19 will affect my life going forward in a mutually good and bad way from the decisions that I made in the past, but I can definitely say that I will be continuing to stay positive and release all the negative energy coming my way.

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