Class Notes (3/16)


  • Pandemic Processing blog post due Thursday (3/18)
  • Read the entire book “The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle” (Be sure to have the physical copy of the book). Blog post + Annotations will be due Next Tuesday (3/23)


The practice of writing = Journaling

Embodied- To sit/ feel within your body

Transmission of affect (emotional contagion)- A belief that we can “catch” each other’s emotions

We worked on a free writing loop with two prompts, these prompts were…

  1. How are you feeling right now?
  2. Intentionally call to mind something that gives you a “negative” feeling. Visualize the situation, allow yourself to feel the emotions, then write about it.

We then discussed some responses to these prompts and some of the responses were…

  • Fear of presenting for a class assignment
  • To have a positive day try making it a choice to think positively instead of focusing on the negatives
  • The stress that comes with balancing a heavy workload for school, and working at the same time.

We ended class by practicing a daily meditation through the Calm app

* Share your reflection on the experience of meditating in the comments under this post.

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