Class Notes 3/11

Congratulations Maria on winning People’s Choice #4

In the next two weeks on the 23rd of March we will begin reading

“The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle 

All students should purchase the hardcover version of the book and begin reading it for our class on the 23rd.

You can find the book with this ISBN-13: 978-1577314806

Today marked 1 year after the pandemic was declared by the World’s Health Organization.

“Playing the believing game” by Peter Elbow 

The believing game is the disciplined practice of trying to be as welcoming or accepting as possible to every idea we encounter: not just listening to views different from our. own and holding back from arguing with them; not just trying to restate them without bias; but actually trying to believe them.


If anyone has any questions for Professor Belli  Tuesday March 16th there will be no office hours if you need to contact Professor Belli email her to set up a time to talk.

Homework :


  • Covid: One Year Later + various links on mental health, grief, and the pandemic [more coming soon + find your own!]


  • Blog #5: Pandemic Processing (stay tuned for a specific prompt for this response: coming soon!)





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  1. Thanks for these notes Reem. I don’t see anything for the Covey discussion though, which was the bulk of class (key terms, points, quotes, etc.). Could you edit these notes to include them?

    Also, important announcement about midterm grades, which are posted via OpenLab Gradebook. Anyone receiving a BL or U should email me ASAP to schedule a conference for next week (please include all availability in the email, so we can find a time that works).

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