Self-care to me means taking care of yourself and being able to do things that benefit you or make you happy. Self-care can mean a lot of different things that has to do with what you do for yourself. On Friday morning I woke up, ate breakfast and brushed my teeth. I was finishing up homework and other things that needed to get done for class. I went to my aunt house to hang with my cousins and sisters. On Saturday I had to babysit but first I had went shopping. I went to Footaction, American Eagle and etc. I spoiled myself a little bit. Then I took the train back and had to babysit my baby cousin. I had another babysitting appointment for 5:00. So I babysitted 3 kids and it was crazy because those kids are bad. But other than that it was fun and I got paid for it. On Sunday it was just a chill day. I hung out and went home and got ready for my 8:00am class on Monday. 

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