Self-care to me is being able to just do things for yourself (benefitting to you) and doing any activity that will bring you more happiness. I think there are many ways to describe what self-care is but everyone generally understands it to be taking care of yourself in some way. This past weekend I made sure to do as many upcoming assignments as I could, and was able to get a majority of them done by Saturday afternoon. I used the rest of that afternoon and Sunday doing things that made me happy and I also made time for my family.

On Saturday I had woken up around 10am, got ready, had my usual cup of coffee, and started doing homework. After finishing my homework, I decided to have a wash day and also did my laundry. On Sunday I woke up around 11am, got ready, had my coffee, and watched reruns of my favorite sitcom throughout the day. Later that night me and my family combined our “game  night” and “movie night”. We decided to play a long, and stressful round of Monopoly and ordered pizza to watch Invisible Man afterwards. My Monday was pretty relaxed because the only assignment I had left to do was for this class, and my only class for the day is at 4pm.

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