Robby Deleon Self-Care

Self-Care to me is being both physically and mentally healthy, nothing more and nothing less. Despite how much we as a class have read on it, I still see no other answer. While there may be answers which in some cases may not seem wrong, I just don’t think those answers are necessary unless they give mental and physical health.
To be more specific, when I say physical health, I mean staying away from things that harm your body and that risk causing illnesses and pain along with maintaining a healthy diet. Now when I say mental health I mean doing things that give happiness and satisfaction. With the combination of these two you get someone who always feels great.
I understand that this answer may seem very general but the reason for this is the amount of things that can lead a person to this physical and mental state. Some people may say self-help includes exercise, while others say it’s eating right and another might say it’s simply just not ever getting sick. These all fall under the category of being physically healthy so these are all correct and there is no wrong answer. Same goes for mental state. Meditating, reading, learning, or just relaxing are all things to help the mind, but then again, just because one works doesn’t mean it’s universal. What I mean by this is someone may not find exercising to be as easy or meditating to be as relaxing, so in a way, they are not necessarily correct answers. This is why I used a general response, because the more specific ones aren’t always right.
This weekend I practiced self-help a little more than I always do beginning with physical health. I told myself I would practice physical health in two ways, exercise and eating. Now I’ve stopped exercising for a while and this self-help gave me the motivation to get to it. Every day except Saturday (because it was freezing) I went across the street to a park and ran for as long as I could. Sadly 4 minutes was the longest I could run for, but I started off at 2 so that’s improvement to me. And on Friday and Monday I did push ups before I went to sleep, it wasn’t much but I haven’t exercised in a while and it showed. All I did to eat right was not order takeout which I have a bad habit of doing and I just made the food I had at home.
To practice mental health I told myself I would remember to do all my “To/do list things” which I have a bad habit of forgetting. This includes things like house chores, homework etc. This way, I could relax knowing I’ve done everything I need to do. Believe it or not it felt nice to be able to tell myself I’m not forgetting to do something and it makes relaxing…well, more relaxing.

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