People’s Choice Post #4: Self-Care

This week, YOU were the the texts, so your reading response were a reflection on yourselves and your well-being 🙂

Read through the Self-Care posts and choose your favorite post. Comment here to register your vote, & don’t forget to include the name of your classmate, the link to their post, and your rationale for choosing it. Due Thursday, 3/11 by 9am. Happy reading/voting

9 thoughts on “People’s Choice Post #4: Self-Care”

  1. My People’s Choice goes to Maria for her post titled, “Thoughts on Self-Care.”

    Thoughts on Self-Care

    I chose her post because I liked how she really defined what self-care means to her and explained a personal history that relates to self-care. I also admire how strong she was in the tough decision she made in get herself out of an uncomfortable situation. Not many people, especially women, have the strength and courage to do what she did in creating a better life for herself. She realized that she could no longer listen to others’ opinion and comments, because she is her own person and she needed to live the life she wanted.

  2. This week my People’s Choice goes to Anil.

    Self care

    In his post he writes, “Some of the things I have done aside from relax watching All star weekend, I did some meditation. It was my first time doing it in a while but I figured since this weekend was a time for self care, I gave it a shot and honestly I will be doing it more frequently because it did more than I thought it would.”
    I chose Anil because he randomly tried meditating and actually found it to be beneficial to him. I also like how overall the emphasis is on self-care not just meaning in terms of your physical state but also your mental state, and how he references in other people.

  3. Robby Deleon Self-Care

    This week I choose Robby for people’s choice based on his definition and explanation of what self-help means.

    “Self-Care to me is being both physically and mentally healthy, nothing more and nothing less.”(Robby)

    Then goes on to explain the vast avenues just having your mental and physical health can consist of and what you can achieve by having these general goals. This includes my journey as well as someone well established and accomplished. This way of thinking to me is an important base line.

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