Class notes March 4th


Predatory- the method and practice of teaching
– the way we go about teaching the way we teach
– think of self-help as education
Curriculum- what is taught
– materials that are produced
Scaffolding- process of teaching
– teach students to the point where it is not overwhelming
-giving people different tools to complete their goal
Thoughts about the book
– combination of the secret and self help
– Courtney- trying to encourage his son to play baseball and then says he is on his own and she thinks it was a little controversy.

Questionnaire: a set printed or written questions with a choice of answers
Self- assessment: assessment or evaluation of oneself or ones actions and attitudes
“The examined life”
Self help is not just about books it’s about publishing, marketing and etc.
-“There are more natural laws”
Natural laws: a body of unchanging moral principles regarded as a basis for all human conduct.
“User interface”
– structures how we interact with someone and access materials
-Aristotle had a concept of happiness
Eudaemonia- conductive to happiness
Virtue: a behavior showing high moral standards
– personality ethic
– positive psychology
– no new reading
– continue to understand the context
– homework- do self care and take notes

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