Self Care

What is self-care? Well self-care to me is doing anything that will put me in a relaxed, happy state. As a kid, I saw my mother taking care of herself by doing vanity things such as doing her nails done or giving herself facials. So I saw that as self-care. But a past experience I had a few years ago taught me that self-care was so much more than vanity practices. It goes so much deeper and definitely starts with taking care of your mind. Doing things that make you happy from within, things that don’t feel forced. So though I may pamper myself by putting on a mask, or painting my nails here and there, when I’m feeling in need of some extra care that is not where I start. So over the weekend, some self-care-related things I did were put on my current favorite show (Law and Order SVU), make a hot cup of tea, and simply sat there and enjoyed binging some episodes. Another thing I did was restart one of my favorite book series from when I was in middle school, it takes me back to a simpler time and helps ease any stress I’m feeling so I been enjoying doing that.

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