The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

Right from the beginning of the book I notice it starts with many testimonies, and a few of the people that stood out to me were Michael Phelps the Olympic swimmer, and a COO from Microsoft. This establishes credibility instantly because as a reader I recognize these are successful people and if the book helped them, maybe it can help me. I believe The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey has aspects of both of our previous books The Secret and Self Help. I say this because though it has some aspects that is similar to The Secret such as if you really want something you have to believe in it in order to obtain it But Covey does not promote just thinking of something and eventually it will come true. This is where the book draws its similarity too Samuel Smiles Self- Help. Covey preaches that in life you must live by these natural laws and put in the work from the “inside out”. He focuses on the point of changing your mindset or your paradigm before you change your outwardly appearance. He wants those that read his book to work hard to first change their perspective and eventually lead them to the goal of becoming proactive people who aren’t wavered by whatever life throws at you. So he does mention believing in what you want and watching the negative language you use when speaking about things. But he doesn’t promote those things being changed by just thought. Only through hard work can your perception change and eventually yourself.

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  1. I also noticed the famous figures that left positive reviews in the book, and how this adds to the author’s credibility! And there were many similarities I found in this book and The Secret.

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