Class Notes March 2nd

The seven habits of highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

Courtney Chapter 5 Help and Opportunities:
-Encourage you to study & prepare yourself for your career.
-Only time will get you to your goals.
-Failures are sometimes part of your greatness.

Aryana Smith Chapter 7 Industry and Peerage:
-Success is left up to the individual and how hard they work.
-Connection between peerage and success.
-Peerage as a class, those holding a hereditary, or honorable title.
-Exalted which means placed at a higher power level.
” ”
-In order to achieve anything great you want in life, you need to apply yourself both physically and mentally.

Reem S.Chapter 9 Money and its Abuse (which I also did)
-Fatherly approach.
-How you use, save the money you have.
-Money is worth face value.

Crystal Pichardo Chapter 12 Examples and Model
-Actions speak louder than words.
-Surround yourself with like minded people.
-Working by action is always more forcible than words (301)
” ”
-There is no action of man in this life, which is not the beginning of a so long chain of sequence.

Robby Chapter 3 The Great Potters:
-Bernard Palissy used 16 years of his own life to teach himself.
-Johann Bottger pretended he could make Gold.
-Josians father died when he was 11 leaving him on his own.

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  1. Predatory- the method and practice of teaching
    – the way we go about teaching the way we teach
    – think of self-help as education
    Curriculum- what is taught
    – materials that are produced
    Scaffolding- process of teaching
    – teach students to the point where it is not overwhelming
    -giving people different tools to complete their goal
    Thoughts about the book
    – combination of the secret and self help
    – Courtney- trying to encourage his son to play baseball and then says he is on his own and she thinks it was a little controversy.

    Questionnaire: a set printed or written questions with a choice of answers
    Self- assessment: assessment or evaluation of oneself or ones actions and attitudes
    “The examined life”
    Self help is not just about books it’s about publishing, marketing and etc.
    -“There are more natural laws”
    Natural laws: a body of unchanging moral principles regarded as a basis for all human conduct.
    “User interface”
    – structures how we interact with someone and access materials
    -Aristotle had a concept of happiness
    Eudaemonia- conductive to happiness
    Virtue: a behavior showing high moral standards
    – personality ethic
    – positive psychology
    – no new reading
    – continue to understand the context
    – homework- do self care and take notes

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