Class Notes Tuesday February 23

Reminder to always have ready the annotations [scanned in PDF files], ready to send when professor ask.

There was a brief review-discussion of the Blatantly Obvious (“The Secret” Parody).

At the beginning of this parody there is a sticky note that reads: “be kind, rewind” which is referring to re-purposing. The secret is an idea that was recycled and repurposed. Even Rhonda Byrne mentioned that the original book was 100 years old.

On minute 3:50 there is a reference to “Good Feelings, Feels Good” and vice versa which apparently means that: “whispering something makes it sound more provocative.”

On minute 4:15 there is a reference to the “3 steps” Decide, Find, Buy it. LOL

On minute 5:15 someone says that: “everyone has potential, but it is limited by social class, education, race, etc.

Ironically, the comedians are engaging in the “essence” of the secret even when they are mocking it.   Parody can sometimes help us to think critically.

Among the keys of self-help are: re-purposing, resilience, and grit.

Samuel Smile paved the way for the self-help industry.


GRIT : courage, determination, perseverance.

RESILIENCE : flexibility, adaptability.

UTILITARIAN: practical.


Work in groups

Group 1 : The Preface, Introduction y Table of Contents.

Group 2: Chapter 1

Group 3: Chapter 4

There will be presentations on Thursday.





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  1. Thanks for these notes Maria. There are some important points discussed in class that aren’t represented here, in relation to both class discussion of ‘The Secret’ parody and also the discussion of Smiles’ ‘Self-Help,” and it would be good to have them for our class archive. Would others help crowdsource these notes by adding notes that you took yourself, by leaving a “comment” on this post? Many thanks all 🙂

    Also, it would be helpful to have more details about announcements and HW (e.g., the presentations that are happening in class on Thursday for HW; there was specific guidance about that).

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