Sam Smiles

In chapter 1, it seems like the author is referring to the individuals who live expecting everything from the government while they do nothing to help themselves. They will never find happiness nor wellbeing unless such individuals work on themselves and not waste time: “a person has time when he leaves no minute unemployed.” I include myself on the list of procrastinators, and yes there would time if every minute would be well spent.

In chapter 4 I like the Italian proverb “who goes slowly goes long” which at the same time remind me of the fable of the turtle and the rabbit.” In which the perseverance of the turtle made him win the competition despite that the rabbit was faster. The history of Joseph Hume is also compelling because regardless that he was mocked, he maintained his perseverance and became a surgeon.

I chose chapter 12 EXAMPLES MODELS “there is no action of man in this life, which is not the beginning of a long chain of consequences…” AND  “the moral health of an individual depends on the moral atmosphere that is breathed.” And because of these maxims one should improve oneself to set an example for children. These maxims also parallel with the fact that if we want something done. We must do ourselves.

As mentioned in the book no individual in the universe stand itself… Hence, we should change the words and actions we put out there to create a better atmosphere.

Another thing that I found interesting is the fact that the author mentions: “rather be alone that in bad company.” Because nowadays most people rather be in company than alone.

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