Reading Response #2

Self-Help by Samuel Smiles is a very interesting but confusing text. This text was published in 1815 and believe me you can tell. the text didn’t have much flow and almost seemed to be said in either riddle or very formal. Chapter 1 talked about National and Individual, the author goes on and on about government and legislation with hints of self help words I am familiar with but I don’t seem to get his points, maybe I need to increase my reading in older literature. This text seems like less of a self help text and more like an old English speech about topics I do not understand.

Chapter IV much like chapter 1 has a very formal approach, it speaks about Helps and Opportunities and Scientific Pursuits. This chapter felt like I was reading a science textbook rather than a self help book, there really wasn’t anything grasping my attention or making me feel as thought this text could help me or others with “self help”.

I chose to read Chapter IX Money and Abuse as my extra chapter. The chapter begins with “HOW a man uses money — makes it, saves it, and spends it — is perhaps one of the best tests of his practical wisdom.” a very wise quote. This chapter was more interesting to me although I don’t think it directly relates to self help, I do think it had more interesting qualities that the other chapters. The author seemed to talk more about morality and character within this chapter which can be taken into consideration when pursuing self help but not as direct self help advice.

All in all the text seemed a little date to me, you really have to read between the lines and apply the words and stories into your own self help. I do think this text has some good but overall the lack of flow and use of formality created an unenjoyable read.


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  1. I definitely agree with your point that the book reads sort of like a riddle, and you have to really read in between the lines to get the message. The book does have a good message behind it, but the way is written did make it a most pleasant read.

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