Reading Response #2 Self Help by Samuel Smiles

Self Help by Samuel Smiles, while confusing I think told a pretty clear message. I believe similar to The Secret by Rhonda Byrne the book quickly becomes extremely repetitive, but it does not promote harmful views like The Secret. I found the introduction interesting, because I love a good origin story (and this book gave me more than enough origin stories). The story of the men that came together solely for the purpose of becoming better educated and a better person in general is inspiring. Throughout the book the author tells many stories of how these great names that are established in history became so great. And majority of these great people did not come from a special family name, or wealth. Nor did these historical figures consider their selves exceptional. But one thing the all had in common was how hard they worked for the things they wanted to achieve. And that is the main point that the author is trying to get across. Through slow diligence, and perseverance you can achieve the highest accomplishments. Smiles also writes about how valuable life lessons and true changes to mankind can only be done through hard work. For my extra chapter I read chapter 7 which is called Industry and Peerage. I really loved the story about John Scott (Lord Eldon). Working his way up from being a poor newly eloped man to working on the parliament, it is clear his hard work paid off. In conclusion I think this book could be interesting to read once in a while, just to hear the inspiring stories of great historical figures. But the language is difficult and lengthy and I feel like the main point is understood from the first few pages.


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  1. Hi Aryanna! I too found this book to be repetitive like The Secret and noted that there was no harmful ideas that stood out when reading it. Also, I do agree that Samuel Smiles’ main message is basically not to give up on what you want to achieve, no matter the hardships you face, and to constantly work at it.

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