Self-Help by Samuel Smiles: Industry and the Peerage

In chapter 1, the quote “HEAVEN helps those who help themselves” is described as a well-tried maxim, embodying in a small compass the results of vast human experience. This quote stands out to me as I often use it to motivate myself to get things done. I ask God to help me as I have helped myself and it is known in the Bible that God helps those who help themselves. This contributes to the ambition, determination, and drive of a person. One is more willing to complete tasks and do things independently if they know that they would receive blessings and favorable outcomes from God. This also gives persons a sense of inner satisfaction and pride within themselves if they get tasks done on their own.

In chapter 4, the quote, “Allez en avant, et la foi vous viendra!” by D’Alembert, when translated means “Go forward, and faith will come to you!” This means that if one masters the art of everyday duties and consistency, they will achieve success in their other endeavors. The simple things and tasks of everyday life contribute to one’s self- improvement. If a person is used to doing something regularly, they would use their knowledge and apply it to all aspects of their life. Ordinary and common qualities are just as important and needed as skill related qualities.

I chose chapter 7, which is called, “Industry and the Peerage.” Peerage can be defined as the title or peer or peeress. Many persons have risen from poverty or being less fortunate to holding top positions and having power in society. With the force of application and industry, an ordinary person can achieve rank and success, if they acquire the qualities of common traits and hard work. They start from nothing with nothing and achieve everything later on in life.

“He either fears his fate too much,

Or his deserts are small,

That dares not put it to the touch,

To gain or lose it all.”—Marquis of Montrose

In order for one to achieve everything great that they want in life, they need to apply themselves both physically and mentally, with and without the help of others, practicing common qualities and consistency. The journey to success is long and hard but when one achieves it, they would receive satisfaction and rank.

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  1. Hi Ajah! I agree with your last paragraph where you stated to achieve what you want in life you need to apply yourself both mentally and physically. I believe it’s one of the main messages the author tries to get across. It’s only with your constant application and dedication to your goal that you can excel.

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