Class Notes 2/18

Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs


Self fulfillment needs-

  • Self Actualization (Fits into the realm of self-help. Become the best version of yourself)

Psychological needs-

  • Esteem needs
  • Belongingness & Love needs

 Basic Needs- 

  • Safety Needs
  • Psychological Needs


Website for Rhonda Byrne’s “The secret” information

  • Books for self-help
  • The Secret super app for mobiles devices
  • The greatest secret (New book by Rhonda Byrne)


In Class Videos


Video 1

SNL-Oprah the secret

Parody of an Oprah episode where Rhonda Byrnes explains what “The secret” is


Video 2

Dave Chappelle | The Secret | Stand-Up Comedy

Dave Chappelle mentions his thoughts on the secret in a stand-up segment


Video 3 (Didn’t get to watch, watch on your own before the next class)

The Blatantly Obvious (“The Secret” Parody)

Parody of “The Secret” by 24Calamity




Repurpose – To make something over with a change of purpose


Gaslighting – To change the point of view of someone else to the point of them questioning things


Elided – To suppress or alter


Upcoming in class


  • Life logging
  • Happiness Apps 
  • Going to try self-help tips and record experiences


Tuesday 2/23


Read chapter 1, 4, and a chapter of your choice of 

Self-Help; with Illustrations of Conduct and Perseverance (Samuel Smiles), 1859



Annotate the document of what you read and be sure to have the annotation ready in a PDF document in case it is collected. 


Reading Response #2 (Samuel Smiles) for what you have read and thoughts on the text


*Class Notes will be done by Maria

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