Class Notes 02/16/21

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Impressions of Film- 

The class had mixed reviews about the graphics and use of imagery to relay the message the author was sending. Some found it helpful to see the meanings of the message ,while others thought a few scenes were absurd. 

Scenes to keep in mind for next class 

  1. Lady visualizing the necklace she wanted while staring at her reflection and then having it. 
  2. Genie appearing and saying “Your wish is my command”.  
  3. Two older women that have the same medical condition with different aspects of what life can be like with or without negative thoughts.
  4. Man that had the photo of the house he wanted and five years later he realizing he was living in that exact home. 
  5. Lady with breast cancer that had the two diagnostic images in the background of active cancer and when she was” healed” . 
  6. Scene with the elephant and how it is good not all things we want happen instantly. 

Questions covered in class from film assignment

#6) Is this vision realistic? Can individuals have “anything” they want? Is there a limit?

**Keep in mind the concept of “The good life”**

#12 ) What happens when there are competing desires (one person wants something, but this
conflicts with what someone else wants/desires)?

Example given : 2 Qualified individuals going for the same job position that both practice” The Law of Attraction” .


#11) If you get positive things by positive thinking, and you get negative things by negative
thinking, then what kind of responsibility does this place (perhaps unfairly?) on
individuals? Is this a kind of “blame-the-victim” ideology?

Example arguments given: 

Holocaust ( Did the whole community have negative thoughts?)

Victims of violent crimes ( Are they really to blame?) 


*Vocabulary to remember*

Efficacy( Noun) – The ability to produce a desired or intended result , effectiveness. 

Parody( Noun or Verb)–  an amusing imitation of a serious author’s style of writing.

Visualization (Noun)– The formation of a mental image of something.

Intention (Noun) Place focus on something. A thing intended; an aim or plan.

Undermine (Verb) – To damage or weaken (someone or something), especially gradually or insidiously.

Agency(Noun)– thoughts and actions taken by people that express their individual power.

Bias(Noun)– prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.


Books mentioned in class regarding self-help regarding overall health and well being. *NOT REQUIRED*

  1. Radical Remission by Kelly Turner
  2. The body keeps the score

                                           **Next class**

  • No new homework due.
  • Come prepared to discuss the book and the film. Try to have the approximate time stamps when referencing the film.  
  • We will go over the website and it’s significance.
  • We will also go over parodies. 

02/18/21 class notes will be completed by Robby 








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