The Secret

After skimming the secret I came to the conclusion that the “secret” is a life hack as cheat sheet to get answers to life situations.(Attraction towards your needs). The secret can give you whatever you desire no matter who, what or where you are. The author describes it as ” The golden Ticket” to life . There is a quote that says”the greatest teachers who ever lived have told us that the law of attraction is the most powerful law in the universe”. In my opinion this means there is more to be seen with just the naked eye but I would also need clarification to that because I don’t think thats all of it. I disagree with how to the author uses historians as a reference to their success being, they had the secret, that is what made them so successful. But turn 360 degrees. I enjoyed how she uses different poets and musicians on how they broke down the law of secret by expressing it through their individual unique pieces whether art or music. If you think about it, it’s really magnificent how thinkers such as Socrates and Plato writings and teachings are still having so much value and meaning today when they writings have been around for so long.

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