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After reading sections of The Secret I have some questions? The book starts with the main author Rhonda Byrne, explaining her testimony. She explained how a death of a loved one eventually lead her to find this “Secret”. Then further in, the  book starts to list off these big names in history such as Beethoven and Einstein, claiming that they were successful because they had the secret. I believe the author unfairly uses these names for credibility, and since most people know that Einstein was an extremely successful scientist, it is used as a first step in getting people to take interest into what this almighty secret is. The “secret” ends us just being Law of Attraction and is explained as any thought in your head that you believe in, and feel the emotions connected to that thought the universe will bring you. It’s basically the old saying of karma and that whatever you put into the universe comes back to you. I loved the concept of the book and that is the focus on the Law of Attraction. I think the Law of Attraction could be a very beneficial tool to use to make the world kinder. But with that being said I think this book simplify serious issues that happens within life, and they blame it on the thoughts that the person had put into the universe. The chapter I read was The secret to the World, and the point that was made was that all the issues that the world face such as crime, political issues etc, is “simply” because that’s what the world promotes and is talking about. One person gives their testimony on how they no longer read/ watch the news because of all the bad news that is talked about. They explain that The Secret to the World is to only focus and to put energy into the good. Though none of these statements are inherently bad or even wrong I just feel it is way too simple for the complications of life. Does Law of Attraction play a part, possibly, but is it all you need to be the most successful person, I’m filled with doubt for that one.

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  1. “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne is a self help text that portrays the power of positive and negative thinking. It reveals that we are in control of everything. The author depicts if you think negative then you will bring negative aspects to your life. I personally always think negative either when I’m stressed, I ask myself the “what if’s” when Im overthinking too much. Some how negative things come shooting at me and before I read this book I didn’t know why. But I feel it’s all just a coincidence because your brain can rewire like a bad habit, causing you to fall into ongoing cycles of negativity which can make you miserable. In the book the author writes “your power is in your thoughts, so stay awake. In other words, remember to remember”. This purpose of this quote is to persuade you to be mindful of your thoughts. All of this connects to law of attraction. Law of attraction is whatever you put out into the world you will attract. The author proposed that positive thinking magnets positive outcomes. People create their own happiness and sadness and they control how certain things happen in their life. I was reading different responses and something someone said caught my attention. They said “it’s basically an old saying of karma and that whatever you put into the universe comes back to you. I agree with what this person says because what goes around comes around. People let their negative thinking get to them. Having positive energy can have a healthier start to your life.

  2. Dear Aryanna, I concur with you on the fact that yes life is complicated and that it requires more than just irradiating good vibes/thoughts.
    As you mentioned it is not that the book is entirely wrong. Indeed thinking positively may be the first step towards a fulfilling life, the second step would be more like writing a plan with a timeline, and the third step is perhaps working on that plan to make things happen, etc.

    1. My vote would be for Aryanna because I agree with her when she stated that the author “unfairly” uses names of historians as examples for their success being, they had the secret.

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