The Secret

In the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne the secret revealed is the “law of attraction”. The law of attraction means whatever you put out within yourself and in the world you will attract, Think and do good and you shall receive good. You create your own happiness or sadness and you are in full control of how things are steered in your life. Eliminating the bad thoughts that will bring you down and putting a greater emphases on the positive will uplift you and bring you to all that you desire.

I personally think “The Secret” can be a very motivating book when taken in the right way. It reveals that we are in control of everything that happens in our life as though its a secret and to many I guess it is. Many people forget they have so much power in their lives and often blame outside sources for their lack of unhappiness or drive. “The Secret” is bringing something to light that is within us all. On page 46 Byrnes states,

“Your wish is my command!”

This wonderful story demonstrates how your whole life and ev-
erything in it has been created by You. The Genie has simply an-
swered your every command. The Genie is the law of attraction,

and it is always present and always listening to everything you
think, speak, and act. The Genie assumes that everything you
think about, you want! That everything you speak about, you
want! That everything you act upon is what you want! You are the
Master of the Universe, and the Genie is there to serve you. The
Genie never questions your commands. You think it, and the Genie

immediately begins to leverage the Universe, through people, cir-
circumstances, and events, to fulfill your wish.”

Bynes bringing this to light highlights that we don’t need a fantasy story about receiving a Genie, we have always had one. Taking control of ourselves from our thoughts, lifestyle, actions, and will can quickly unleash the Genie. There is process to get to this point which Byrnes also highlights in the book, she doesn’t just say notice that you have always held the Genie rather she says that there in a creative process to get the point to really access your personal Genie. On page 48, “Asking is the first step in the Creative Process, so make it a habit to ask. If you have to make a choice and you don’t know which way to go, ask! You should never be stumped on anything in your life. Just ask! You do not have to ask over and over again. Just ask once. It is exactly like placing an order from a catalogue. You only ever order something once. You don’t place an order and then doubt the order has been received and so place the order again, and then again, and
then again. You order once. It is the same with the Creative Process.
Step One is simply your step to get clear about what you want. As
you get clear in your mind, you have asked.”, Starting anything comes with a process although this book is called “The Secret” the act of knowing a secret doesn’t give it value, its how you apply that secret and what you choose to do with it.

The chapter I resonated with ” The powerful process of visualization”. I am a visual person, most things I enjoy are creative things and when being creative you always have to visualize your piece coming to life. I enjoy Graphic Design and freelancing art many time people have seen my work and have not understood it at first and that when you have to tell them trust the process. Our life is no different that a piece of artwork in fact its the greatest piece of art.

“Visualization is a process that has been taught by all the great
teachers and avatars throughout the centuries, as well as by all the
great teachers living today. In Charles Haanel’s book, The Master
Key System, written in 1912, he gives twenty-four weekly exercises
to master visualization. (More important, his complete Master Key
System will also help you become the master of your thoughts.)
The reason visualization is so powerful is because as you create
pictures in your mind of seeing yourself with what it is you want,

you are generating thoughts and feelings of having it now. Visu-
alization is simply powerfully focused thought in pictures, and it

causes equally powerful feelings. When you are visualizing, you
are emitting that powerful frequency out into the Universe. The
law of attraction will take hold of that powerful signal and return
those pictures back to you, just as you saw them in your mind.” (Byrnes, page 81)

Turning a thought into visualization is what helps us turn it into reality. When you envision yourself doing something over and over again the more it feels likely to happen whether it be good or bad. We hold so much power within us that if we highlight these approaches of “The Secret” and give the right things enough value and positive thought and approach we can simply do anything.


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