Hello this Anil Persaud speaking, I am a sophomore at New York City college of Technology. My major as of right now is LAA because to be honest I am trying to get all of my requirements down before I get started on classes that have to deal with my actual major. My career of choice that I will be moving into once I finish college would be law enforcement so I will be studying criminal justice in school. This has been one thing that I have been so passionate about since I was younger and I cannot see myself doing anything differently in the future. So here is what I can tell you all about myself other than what I have said. I am not familiar with self help literature so I will leave it at that. I am not used to working in open lab, actually not ever so I hope this semester will not be too stressful. Hopefully as you do with everything else, the more you work with something , the better you will get at it, so that is what I am hoping for. Since the start of COVID-19 as you would think everything has been getting difficult and personally I don’t like online classes because it is very hard to keep up with but obviously we don’t have a choice so doing the best that we can is what will only work. My favorite genre of literature would be short story because in my opinion, its really really understandable. I really hope to learn as much as I can in this coarse for the time that we have.

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