Your mission is the: “mission you give yourself” (Walsch 177) So beautifully phrased. However, on page 178 Jack Can Field mentions that the secret to life is to find joy: “If ain’t fun, don’t do it.” I must disagree with this because to keep an organized world (not perfectly organized but at least some level of organization) we humans must do things even when we do not like them. I would call them duties/responsibilities that one must do regardless of liking or not. For example, (1) cleaning after yourself, (2) speaking up against abuse, (3) taking care of our parents when they get older, (4) assuming unplanned parenthood, (5) respecting traffic signs and driving rules, etc.

Moreover, and still in response to Jack Can Field’s statement on page 178. I would suggest caution in doing things we like because how can one know if what one likes is morally right? For example, (1) a rapist likes the pleasure of sex but at the expense of a victim, (2) an alcoholic or drug addict enjoys his/her habit (3) a bully gets pleasure at the expenses of tearing someone down, (4) a deceptive business loves to make profit without regards for its consumers, etc. Well, there are 2 sides to joy; a positive satisfaction and a sick amusement.

Dr. John Hagelin on page 179, indicates inner happiness as the secret of life. I believe he is referring to a healthy emotional happiness. He further complements his explanation of the secret to life by saying that: “human potential is the result of proper education” (181).

I love what Lisa Nichols says on page 182: “Every single thing you’ve come through, were to all prepare for you this moment right now.”  I have lived this personally, but becoming aware how prepare or how valuable one is requires metacognition, because this awareness does not pop up in one’s mind automatically. One must deliberate without lying to oneself. I personally think this is the step where most humans fail because we like to tell lies to ourselves to feel good and keep living.

I find necessary to remind the fact that there are 2 sides (good and bad) to everything. E. g.  if one believes that one is great and magnificent, there is an “equal chance” for that person to become either  a narcissist/entitled/abuser OR  to become a genuine virtuous/competent/empathetic adult.

Well, the good news of the Secret is that: “we all deserve to be happy and we all were born to add something valuable to this world” (Nichols 182).

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  1. Hi Maria,
    I also liked a few of Lisa Nichol’s quotes in the text. I find she was the least radical one among the experts. I love the points you made about having some type of order to prevent anarchy and chaos. Morally right and wrong was a good point to bring up because we can see the variety today spanned over the different cultures. Also I really liked how you highlighted your notes and color coded them.

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