Hello fellow peers, my name is Aryanna Smith, I’m 19 years old and I am expected to graduate this upcoming June with an associates degree in liberal arts. I’m interested in fashion, even though I don’t really deal with it much (I’m hoping to get more into it this year)! I don’t really have much hobbies because if I’m not doing school I’m mostly just relaxing watching a tv show, (my current favorite is Law & Order SVU). But on the rare occasion that I want to dabble into an activity, I’m probably reading a book, trying to cook a new dish, or writing. Currently I am in the ASAP program at City Tech, and this semester I was lucky enough to get a job with them as a Career peer mentor, I haven’t started yet but am looking forward to the new opportunity. My career goal is to eventually be doing something in the fashion world, whatever that turns out to be I wold be fine with. Over winter break I pretty much just did what I described before, relax and watch Law and Order ( I know I sound obsessed and I am). Hopefully this summer I can get an internship geared towards my career, and I assume like everybody else is hoping, I hope that the worst of this pandemic has passed and maybe I’ll be able to enjoy some summer activities with family and friends. 

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As a reader/writer/ thinker I believe my strengths are how well I can imagine and articulate things in my head. And then I take those thoughts and write them down . I feel like I relay my  thoughts better writing them down (usually in my notes app on my phone) compared to saying it out loud. My weakness though is how fast paced my mind is, so sometimes it is hard to convey what I what I’m feeling because there is so many thoughts being processed, which also ties into why I feel like I’m not the best speaker. I’m pretty good at using technology, I know the basics, and I used Zoom and Open Lab (slightly) in previous classes before. My favorite genre of literature is young adult, I’ve actually been trying to branch out into other genres but nothing brings me great nostalgia like reading a young adult books. I’ve read a few self help books, actually I’m currently reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. I like dabbling in self help books occasionally because I feel like it can never hurt to learn something new even if I don’t necessarily agree with it. That’s why I was interested in taking this class because not only does it seem like a class I never took before, I also feel it will help me not only interpret this genre of books, but also find a new appreciation for them.

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