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This is Maria. I am a senior in Paralegal Studies. I love my career…. But, when growing up, Law never crossed my mind, and if someone would have asked me about it, I would have said no! without hesitation. I have interned and worked in Law Firms, that is why I am convinced that I enjoy my career. My hobbies are to travel, to dance, to teach and to engage into random but deep verbal conversations. Normally, I used to travel in winter and summer breaks but COVID is forcing me to stay home. So, watching long series has become a new hobby. I even bought my first TV in May 2020.

My favorite genre¬†of literature is fiction. I do not like drama nor horror because I think daily life already¬†has a lot of both, so I think we do not need more of them, LOL.¬†It is the first time I am using Open Lab, but I will get accustomed to it =).¬†¬† My expectation for the course is to keep practicing my English, because English is my second language and even if it were my first, there will still be room for improvement, because the learning experience¬†never ends. The bright side of writing¬†is that one gets to set free one’s imagination and the downside is that a first draft is almost never the official one (even the best writers have said so).

I love positive and constructive critical thinking and speech because it keeps the brain engaged and challenged. Unfortunately, not everyone is prepared to reciprocate. I mean, most people seem to take things personally (get offended or angry very quick) or even worse they mock or laugh out loud. Well, according to psychology people who react by laughing out loud are intentionally avoiding to mentally process what was said. Therefore, that person may not be prepared to engage in a critical, positive, and constructive conversation. Unless, he/she is laughing at a comedy show of course the exceptions exist, but that is another topic.

I do not have 1 favorite book, but I have enjoyed reading excerpts of the writings of¬†the philosopher Immanuel Kant, the anthropologist Jane Goodall, and of the Ghostwriter¬†Gene Stone ‚ėÜ‚ėÜ‚ėÜ‚ėÜ‚ėÜ

ABOUT self-help, I think it is more than just becoming stronger because sometimes I feel like people think of S-T-R-O-N-G  as someone who never cries and hardens his/her heart to keep living. This to me is a wrong definition of strong, and because of that I prefer the word W-I-S-E instead of strong.   In this regard, I created the following analogy: becoming stronger would be like just passing the course BUT becoming wise would be like learning (the essence of why things happened) AND passing such a message (teaching) onto others kindly ♡♡♡♡♡.

I hope we all have a great semester despite the challenges of 2021.

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