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Hello, My name is Robby Deleon and I am a Sophomore at New York City College of Technology studying Liberal Arts. Before I start I want to just point out I’m a very boring person and not interesting at all. So starting with my background, it’s as you guessed, boring. I was born and raised in NYC and I dont know much about my ethnical background, all I know is I’m black. I didn’t choose a major specific to a future job because I already knew I only wanted 60 credits so I can be a police officer. So because of that I chose the major that I thought would be the easiest (I was wrong).  As of now I have 3 classes left until I get those 60 credits but I’m only taking 2 classes this semester because the 3rd class is the class that has caused me so much pain, “Math 1275co”. Alot of people reading this would probably laugh at this considering how good at math some people are but I have  taken Math 1275co 4 times which resulted in me dropping it 3 times and failing it once. For the first time ever I’m gonna dedicate an entire semester into one class hoping that will do the trick. I blame the virus though because in-person tutoring had me at a good passing grade and then everything shutdown and I fell off.

So that’s how school is going, outside of school I literally do nothing. I mentioned this in the 5 minute free write but I am very lazy, and I would probably have more going for me if I wasn’t. It’s not all bad though, this past winter break I got a job as security and learned alot of necessary life skills. I also learned I hate working so the rest of my life is looking pretty rough for me. As for my hobbies, I can’t say it’s anything interesting. I mostly just relax at home watching shows, movies and playing video games. Some of the shows I really like are Boy Meets World, Rick And Morty, and One Punch Man along with many other anime. As for movies I really liked Scarface, The Godfather, and The Wolf of Wallstreet.  I used to play alot of basketball but the older I got the more work it seemed to get up and walk to the basketball court (Which by the way is across the street from me).

The thing I like about writing & reading is there aren’t many wrong answers opposed to math which only ever has one right answer which is why I’m so bad at it. But writing & reading allows alot of thought to go into whatever is being written which is satisfying in a way. What I dislike about writing & reading is what books have and thats the amount of detail that is sometimes required. I understand the author likes to give the reader a good idea of the what they’re reading but I doubt the reader cares what color shoes a certain character is wearing or what the painting looks like on a completely unrelated wall. I feel like my strengths in writing & reading is comprehension and creativity but my weaknesses come from grammar and disinterest in what I may be reading which leads to a lack of comprehension. My favorite genre of literature would probably be Sci-fi as that seems to be the most interesting. I don’t have a favorite text because in all honesty I do not read.

Self-Help sounds like what people do when they have no one to  help them with something or when they do not want help from others. I know thats probably wrong because if thats true then I dont know what type of literature would be able to correspond with that idea to create “Self-Help Literature”. As boring as I make literature sound, I’ll admit the most interesting courses ive taken were all english classes. I don’t know if it’s because literature is actually interesting to me or if it’s because compared to classes like Biology anything is interesting. So for this semester I do expect a pretty interesting class. I do have one question, did I write too much because I feel like I overdid it.

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  1. Hi Robby! I definitely understood you when you said you’ve failed MAT1275CO because I have too lol. Math and science have never been my strongest subjects since middle school. But try joining tutoring sessions when you take it next semester, that’s what helped me.
    I also used to have an interest in criminal justice. At one point I wanted to become a criminal profiler although that was pretty short-lived.

  2. Hello Robby, so as it turns out we both have two things in common. I am as well going into law enforcement in my professional career and I have taken math 1275CO. That class was HELLLLLLA HARD!!!!!!!

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