Courtney LaGrange Introduction

       My name is Courtney LaGrange I am from Louisiana and both of my parents are French. Although I knew both of my parents , I was mainly raised by my paternal grandmother. I am the oldest out of three on my mother’s side and who really knows on my father’s side. Being between Louisiana and New York since I was 19 was in part a rebellion of having to move with my mother also to explore and find that essence of home everyone speaks of that I never really acquired thus far in life. Throughout my life I love fishing , hunting, museums, art galleries, and marathons for charities the most. The benefit of living in the five boroughs there is exposure to different cultures and beliefs that I really enjoy as well. Coming from a strict Catholic family that also allowed exposure to other religions was definitely an advantage of tolerance for me and later on lead me to my current Buddhist beliefs. 

Growing up I aspired to be a forensic annalist or pathologist. That shortly changed after seeing some of my close friends and family wronged by the justice system.  Shortly after entering my 20’s I gained an interest in the medical field due to my list of diagnosis that tarnished my 21st birthday.  Schizencephaly was the diagnosis that steered me toward medical imaging ,but just imaging wouldn’t be enough so I started to lay out a career ladder for myself.  Schizencephaly is a rare birth defect and in essence occurs when a fetus has a stroke. In result it forms a cleft or gap in one or both hemispheres of the brain. 1 in every 100,000 births have it and most of the are not functioning at the extent I can. Motor skills are mainly affected. Because of this I’ve decided to start with nursing ,but not your typical RN. Radiology nursing would get me in the door to interact with a variety of patients and neurology would be my end goal. Out of the 1 in every 100,000 I am a part of 17percent of that ratio and I want to find out why. I find out if I will be accepted in the radiology program or nursing program at the end of spring. Who knows which one I will choose if both choose me.

During the breaks from school I mainly work as usual. My position is formally known as a Fire Life and Safety Director.  It’s basically a security position with a responsibility of enforcing local fire codes and laws for the particular building you are in. I work overnight so I can go to school among other things. When I am not at work I am spending time with my rescues. Bentely is now 5 going on 6 months and was my first rescue this past August. I knew he needed me as much as I needed him. The first few weeks and five different medications later my little boy is health ,but would cry histerically when the stray cat at our window seal would leave. I began to look through other potential rescues and found NiKlaus. It couldn’t have been better than how we are now. I plan to make my two yearly trips with them I normally take within the states this year.

Writing for me has always been hard because of some of my grammar and syntax issues. I like to ramble on and forget about proper punctuation or spelling sometimes for that matter.  It is a realseas that feels as if the roller coaster feeling will never end. I journal as much as I can being one of my diagnosis is neuropathy also known as chronic nerve pain. I understand now the passion that drives some artist through their pain and I would like to think of myself as the same ;motivated by my goals. I love reading true crime most of all even though any book will do. Going through the plot and how the character may have become the way he or she currently is . The fall out is the most memorable part for me.

This would be my first semester using open lab and I am concerned on how the lack of knowledge will affect my grade. Regarding self-help I read articles, books, and look at clinical trials to not only help with knowledge for myself in how to handle things in my personal life ,but how to help other throughout my career change to medical. My goals for this semester is to not only learn how to use techniques ,but look how others view and use the tips given. I do apologize if I went over on the word count ;I get carried away at times.


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