Research Project: The Martians ability to promote the lingering effects of Social Isolation


This research project will encompass the topic of isolation and how a prolonged time can take a toll on someone psychologically. In the book and film The Martian we see main character Mark Watney’s incredible journey on mars, despite him having to fight for his life he does so on his own as no one is there with him and he is presumed dead. After findings back on earth show, he is still alive all attempts are made to rescue him but it will take a long time to reach him, how long one may ask?  It is revealed towards the end that after more than a year and a half of being on mars he is finally rescued. Throughout the film and book, one can see the frustration he has faced as he feels that he is helpless and one begins to feel sympathy over the character. My research topic will explore the physical and mental toll that isolation brought upon the character Mark Watney as the book and film are almost on par with each other and there are not too many changes made which is good because it shows that the film director Ridley Scott praises Andy Weir’s work. As far as the film goes I want to explore the preparation that the actor Matt Damon took in order to achieve the level of success that he did with this character as there is are some scenes in which he was able to show such emotion in which it seems that he was no longer acting and this comes to show how much mental health has become important especially in today’s society. I will be presenting my information via PowerPoint and hope to be able to provide a clear understanding of why mental health is important in the science fiction world. 

From the information that I am able to gather, I will use actual quotes from the book and clips from the film to demonstrate negative side effects that are associated with social isolation. When I am explaining the information I will try to give a short analysis in order to further prove my point. Lastly, I will show the lengths that the actor Matt Damon took in order to achieve the level of performance that he did in The Martian. His acting was powerful in some scenes that he was not able to stay in character and that is what lead him to get the praise that he got for this film. From the information provided and the analysis of the book, I hope to be able to deliver an informative presentation without comprising any information in the allotted time. Cover Letter Annotations + Sources

The Martian Powerpoint


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