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Everyone already probably has individual feedback from the professor.
Today’s class is mainly about working on your individual project.

annotation is important, as we need to use them for analysis instead of a summary, This assignment is meant to see how well you know about the

asynchronist class for next Tuesday.

Additional Focused Research + Annotations + Revised Proposals + Reflection*Note:¬†If you do not submit this on time, you will lose 5 points off the final project gradeWhen you will revise your proposals for this next class, you will further refine your topic, add more detail and sources, and shape it in a more focused way.Minimum of 3 (revised, more specific) paragraphs for proposal, 4 annotated sources (2+ primary sources + 2 secondary sources), full annotations for primary texts, & 2 paragraphs of reflection. Post to our OpenLab course site as ‚ÄúRevised Proposals + Sources.‚ÄĚList sources at bottom with full bibliographic information (MLA format). Here, also provide a¬†brief annotation for each, which summarizes the source and explains its usefulness for the project. ( extended due tomorrow)


‚ÄúLightening Presentations‚ÄĚ:¬†In-class, do a 2-3 minute ‚Äúlightening‚ÄĚ presentation summarizing your project & presentation (post to OpenLab as ‚ÄúResearch Project‚ÄĚ + ‚ÄúPresentation‚Ä̬†before¬†class begins: include a draft of your project abstract and the presentation file). We will peer review these presentations.

Class activity:

We are talking about our progression on our individual projects.
peer-reviewing each other work.

depending on your individual text, take account of the larger context of the history of the book/movie.
if have more of a complicated text, basic research of timeline (even if your not watching/reading them).
You have a 6 min presentation and a Q and A (ensure you know this) (so do secondary research)

treat Wikipedia as a gateway source, ( is a good opening source, but shouldn’t be used as a final source),
you can use Wikipedia (but don’t use it as a final source)

While is great to be ahead, ensure to read the whole text and then watch the whole
film in order to expand your idea of an argument instead of making a set argument that can
potentially side-track your main thesis as you continue your story.

Presentation material: needed or suggestion such as keypoint/ background information.

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  1. Thanks Huiquan for getting these notes up so quickly. You have some incorrect (incomplete) information about what is due on Thursday (5/13) and also what was due yesterday (grace period through tomorrow). I would encourage you to consult the Schedule & Research Assignment, for clarity. You can always copy/paste the details from there (with quotations), and provide links. Thanks for editing this post!

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