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For my final project I would like to read The Giver by Lois Lowry and watch it’s 2014 adaption by Phillip Noyce. I’ve watched the film when I was younger and never got a chance to read the book. I feel like I would to be able to create a strong analysis and comparison between the book and film if I can use this for my final project.

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  1. Justin, ‘The Giver’ is an interesting text (and of course you should re-watch the movie after reading the book). It is actually part of a larger series (four books), so you will need to take that into account in your project–will you read more than one?

    Happy to move this project forward, but I need to see a more fully-fleshed out proposal (minimum 400 words, and including details about the project). Please consult the Research Assignment for how to construct a research proposal and what it should include, and then revise this post so I can review it again.

    1. I only plan on reading The Giver and watching the movie because it is the first in the series and as for the rest of the series, I don’t believe they’ve been adapted to film yet.

  2. Yes, there is only one movie that I know of. It would be interested to look into the other books, if you have time (since they are young adult books, they are a bit easier to read). I remember your bringing up ‘The Giver’ a number of times in class discussions, and I thought you indicated at those times that you read it previously in school? But maybe I’m mis-remembering?

    Please submit an expanded proposal ASAP in order to get it approved (it was due yesterday).

    1. I did bring up The Giver multiple times in class discussion but, I’ve never read the text before by Lois Lowry I’ve only seen the movie in middle school. I don’t think I can read all 4 of the books and watch the movie for my final project because the three books after The Giver aren’t incorporated into the film adaption I believe. I think there could be a bigger picture set up because I always remember trying to look up The Giver 2 and now I see the quartet and I’m interested the find out more about the world of The Giver but, I don’t believe it would make my project better seeing as they don’t have films to coincide with them. However it seems like you really want me to read the whole series so, if I can switch my date to not go first because its going to take me a while to get the books and read them because I have work and other classes.

      1. Justin, I’m just seeing this comment now … for some reason, it was in the “Trash” (perhaps you deleted it by accident?) I just went in and restored it.

        Thanks for clarifying your history with ‘The Giver.’ You definitely do not have to read the entire quartet–that is outside the scope for a project/timeline like this one, and I didn’t say you had to–just that you should become familiar with the series. Reading the first book and re-watching the movie should be fine, but your final project should account for the larger series (you can do a bit of research into the other books, even if you don’t read them in full).

        All projects are due on Th 5/20, regardless of when you are presenting. So no need to switch you date.

        Looking forward to seeing this project develop!

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