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In class activities:

-Eric presentation was on “The Martian” and how isolation affects someone psychologically

-Randy presented his final project on “Ready Player One” and discussed the achievements of the text he picked and if people prefer to live in a virtual reality

-Randy also speaks of the themes of the book and how it was received by people who’ve watched it

-Caziah’s presentation is on Ender’s Games and he discusses if it’s worth manipulating people to save the world.

-Randy and Evelyn won the last Peoples Choice and Eric received the last Professors Pick

Abstract revised

Reading Ender’s game leaves major questions like What if everything I am being told is a lie? and Is it okay to create monsters for personal gain/preservation?  The theme of manipulating things and people to get what you want or feel is necessary is heavy throughout the novel and film. There isn’t a locked in topic to argue about the Novel and film yet but it will be based off of the manipulation used by the main characters to gain what they want. Ender uses manipulation to stay safe and advance in battle school. Others in the book use manipulation on Ender to see if he is the genius/ savior they think he destined to be. After reading the book and watching the movie it is not ok to use manipulation even if people think they are doing the correct thing.

Link to presentation

Research Project: The Martians ability to promote the lingering effects of Social Isolation


This research project will encompass the topic of isolation and how a prolonged time can take a toll on someone psychologically. In the book and film The Martian we see main character Mark Watney’s incredible journey on mars, despite him having to fight for his life he does so on his own as no one is there with him and he is presumed dead. After findings back on earth show, he is still alive all attempts are made to rescue him but it will take a long time to reach him, how long one may ask?  It is revealed towards the end that after more than a year and a half of being on mars he is finally rescued. Throughout the film and book, one can see the frustration he has faced as he feels that he is helpless and one begins to feel sympathy over the character. My research topic will explore the physical and mental toll that isolation brought upon the character Mark Watney as the book and film are almost on par with each other and there are not too many changes made which is good because it shows that the film director Ridley Scott praises Andy Weir’s work. As far as the film goes I want to explore the preparation that the actor Matt Damon took in order to achieve the level of success that he did with this character as there is are some scenes in which he was able to show such emotion in which it seems that he was no longer acting and this comes to show how much mental health has become important especially in today’s society. I will be presenting my information via PowerPoint and hope to be able to provide a clear understanding of why mental health is important in the science fiction world. 

From the information that I am able to gather, I will use actual quotes from the book and clips from the film to demonstrate negative side effects that are associated with social isolation. When I am explaining the information I will try to give a short analysis in order to further prove my point. Lastly, I will show the lengths that the actor Matt Damon took in order to achieve the level of performance that he did in The Martian. His acting was powerful in some scenes that he was not able to stay in character and that is what lead him to get the praise that he got for this film. From the information provided and the analysis of the book, I hope to be able to deliver an informative presentation without comprising any information in the allotted time. Cover Letter Annotations + Sources

The Martian Powerpoint


Research Project: “Reality VS Illusion” in Ready Player One

The science fiction text titled as “Ready Player One” is a whimsical experience for various “geeks” and many notable individuals. Ernest Cline’s adventurous virtual reality-based story represents an impactful calling card to the existence of notable 80s pop culture media via the exploration of a vast virtual reality utilized by society to escape the harsh conditions of a corrupt, dystopian world. Throughout the impactful and tension-building events of the primary text, an existing contrast notably exists between genuine reality and digital illusion that most of humanity eventually arrive at crossroads between the two paths. Regarding the understandable practices of escapism from harsh and cruel worldly conditions and the potential development of a new identity, humanity appears to prefer the existence of an ideal virtual illusion over a genuine, physical reality. Via a thorough analysis of the text’s original paperback and film adaptations alongside any related secondary sources, an improved understanding around the text could develop into fruition and provide many others an in-depth point of view into the mindsets of those who desire the experience of reality that suits their personal desires without cruel methods of restriction.

Regarding the significant information corresponding with the primary text of “Ready Player One” and the analysis behind its various themes and secrets, there are multiple secondary sources that shall be incorporated to provide important information behind the existence of the text in question. Each of the sources will fall onto specific categories that will support the in-depth analysis around the text. For instance, one of the available sources include the depiction of background information related to the original text and its film adaptation. Some of the corresponding data provide an improved understanding around “Ready Player One” such as the reception to the media pieces, the in-depth illustration of the text’s numerous pop culture references and various other aspects. In addition, another notable source relating to “Ready Player One” contains material detailing the text’s strong parallel to the thesis of modern society possessing a strong desire to accept an ideal illusion over the genuine reality that surrounds them. Depending on the circumstances surrounding an individual and their lifestyle, one may develop an innate desire to escape the shackling chains that bind their freedom and allow them to “spread their wings”. Regarding all of the data collected throughout the available time period, I was able to contruct a well-rounded presentation.

ENG 2440 – ‘Ready Player One’ Annotations

Randy-Anderson_ Ready-Player-One – Cover Letter

(Presentation File Link [File too large] )

Research Product: Is the pursuit of knowledge worth going beyond limitations in Frankenstein



This project will cover one of the 1st full length novels in the science fiction genre known as Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. It will also be covering two of the film’s adaptations. The 1st adaptation that will be covered is the classic nineteen thirty-one film Frankenstein directed by James Whale. The 2nd adaptation covered is the nineteen ninety-four film Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein directed by Kenneth Branagh. The thesis statement for this project will be, “Is the pursuit of knowledge worth going beyond limitations?” The book’s plot as well as background information will be discussed briefly so that the audience may obtain a general sense of what the book is about. Afterward, will be an explanation of why the thesis statement relates to the book and the answer to the claim in the book’s perspective. In the books perspective, the pursuit of knowledge is not worth going beyond limitations as it resulted in not only Victor’s demise but the demise of his family and friends. Then, there will be an analysis on the differences between the book and films counterpart starting with the 1st adaptation and then following with the 2nd adaptation. After the differences for both adaptations are discussed the thesis statement will then be answered in regards to the film counterparts. In the original Frankenstein film, the pursuit of knowledge is not worth going beyond limitations because it resulted in the death of Henry’s assistant Fritz, Dr. Waldman, and Maria. While it can be argued that Fritz and Dr. Waldman’s death are irrelevant one cannot argue that the pursuit of knowledge is worth killing an innocent little girl. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein film, the pursuit of knowledge is not worth going beyond limitations because Victor’s brother, Victor’s servant, and Victor’s wife all die William Frankenstein, Justine Moritz, Elizabeth, and Victor himself all die due to his pursuit of knowledge. In conclusion, based on both the text and films discussed, the pursuit of knowledge is not worth going beyond limitations, and with that said all that is left to mention is the famous idiom-proverb, “curiosity killed the cat.”

Cover Letter: Cover Letter Ariel Montesino

PowerPoint Presentation: Frankenstein presentation Ariel Montesino

Annotations: Frankenstein Annotations Ariel Montesino

Research Project: Political Control and Inequality presented in The Hunger Games.


This final research project explores the argument/topic of political control and inequality that is presented in The Hunger Games. The novel which is the first of a trilogy written by the author Suzanne Collins and then later directed into a film by Gary Ross mainly takes place in the country of Panem. Furthermore in this research project the argument of how the government most commonly known as the capitol uses the actual hunger games as a way to punish the people from the districts is presented through a PowerPoint presentation. For this research project providing a background and analyzing the creation of the hunger games was super important. It provided the audience with a clear understanding and gave them some background information while also providing strong evidence from both the book and film adaptation to further support my argument.

By providing evidence and in depth analyze with quotes and specific scenes from the film it further emphasize the argument that this project was meant to get across. Another important point that was made through this presentation was how the story of the hunger games presents the idea of inequality and this is evident through the fact that the government takes advantage of those who don’t share the same lifestyle as the rich. By analyzing a scene from the film and tying it back to the book , the idea of supremacy from the capitol side was made obvious and was further supported thanks to quotes from the novel and an analyze on how both primary sources somehow tying together. The overall main focus point was the tessera and how both the book and film adaption each mention this however they each do it differently. So, instead of finding the differences and similarities , a comparative analyze was made with evidence from both the film and book.

Lastly by focusing on specific characters and analyzing how their decisions all tie back to the main argument presented, I was able to bring all of the ideas previously stated and conclude my project. By briefly introducing the careers , a group of characters that are very important from the book and film I was able to tie in the previous points and construct a well rounded presentation.

Evelyn Paucay The Hunger Games cover letter


Evelyn Paucay The Hunger Games Annotations


Evelyn Paucay, The Hunger Games PPT

The Giver

Justin Polo Urena
ENG 2400
Professor Jill Belli

The project being presented will discuss an award winning children’s novel, The Giver, by Lois Lowry released in 1993 and its film adaptation of the same name released in 2014 directed by Phillip Noyce. My thesis will be on “how the importance of memory is significant to the choices individuals make to challenge the authority?” The book and film’s plot are similar enough to describe them together, they both take place in a utopian society with strict rules on having precision of language and taking their morning medication. A place where the people that live here never felt pain or seen color and have had their memories erased. So the importance of memory in this book is that no one has it, well almost no one a boy named Jonas is selected to be the next Receiver of Memory making the old receiver know the Giver and their connection grows stronger as the book moves on. They go as far as to say they love each other in a father-son type of way, this reminds the giver of his daughter, Rosemary, played by Taylor Swift in the movie and how she failed at becoming the next Receiver of Memory a decade before Jonas. Burdened with knowledge of the past and what once was Jonas and the Giver feel slighted by the Committee and its founders that they are keeping things like music, color, animals, and different terrains from its people. This leads them on a path whether to accept the world they live in and keep their knowledge of the past to themselves or find a way to share it with the people of the community. Jonas is eager to share his knowledge with his family and friends when the memories he receives at first are all joyful and full of glee. As his training advances he learns about things like pain and not just a sunburn like he first experiences like breaking a bone, losing a loved one, murder, and starvation. The word “uncertain” in the book is used to refer to the weaker babies in the eyes of the Committee and Jonas saves one, an “uncertain” baby, Gabriel, he saved before being “released”. The Committee are the people who control and regulate this utopia by genetically breeding making the best possible human in their eyes. A human that couldn’t see color, couldn’t love, and couldn’t make their own choices. They go as far as to laugh at the thought of “choosing your own job” because they’re all assigned jobs. The word “released” in the book is how the Committee uses euthanization in a way that seems pleasant and welcoming and they say after being released you go to Elsewhere and pretend like it’s a place. With this knowledge Jonas just can’t sit back and watch this happen so he and the Giver come up with a plan to allow everyone in the community to see what they see and to feel what they feel. They both make the decision to challenge the authority of the Committee by Jonas choosing to escape the community with hopes his memories would spread to the entire community and so that people can feel how they want and not be regulated. In conclusion the importance of memory is significant to the choices people would make having the knowledge in the circumstances of The Giver.

Annotations: file:///C:/Users/eboy/Downloads/_Annotations%20for%20The%20Giver%20Justin%20Polo.pdf

Cover Letter:file:///C:/Users/eboy/Downloads/Cover%20Letter%20Justin%20Polo%20Urena.pdf

Presentation:The Giver Justin Polo.pptx

Class Notes 05/13/2021

Class notes 05/13/2021

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For the projects make sure that…

  • There is some comparative analysis that needs to occur in your research project between the book and film  ( How smoothly or unsmoothly does the book transfer over onto the big screen ) 
  • NOTE: Research Paper is no longer necessary
  • How is the film received by the audiences ( Wiki, Rotten tomatoes, Reddit, etc.) Though you can use this to incorporate your work there has to be additional secondary sources that help the points get across
  • Your argument should not be separate from your comparative analysis it should all be tied in together.
  • Time yourself accordingly and make sure you are able to get your important points through, get to your points across quickly and be concise. 
  • Organize your information accordingly and make sure it is visible to classmates ( AVOID Huge text blocks ) But also do not have too little on your slides. Compromise with your work. Citations from text and film need to be provided
  • IMPORTANT Work responsibly ( Cite all your sources ( Including images )  otherwise your work will not be graded ) 
  • A title slide is necessary with basic information and a relevant title for the project. 

40% of your course grade 

Cover letter, Abstract, Powerpoint presentation – 25% 

Annotations are worth 15% 

Primary Annotations, Annotated Bibliography, Minimum of 6 sources 

DEADLINE 2:30 May 20th

Abstract For Ender’s Game

Reading Ender’s game leaves major questions like What if everything I am being told is a lie? and Is it okay to create monsters for personal gain/preservation?  The theme of manipulating things and people to get what you want or feel is necessary is heavy throughout the novel and film. There isn’t a locked in topic to argue about the Novel and film yet but it will be based off of the manipulation used by the main characters to gain what they want. Ender uses manipulation to stay safe and advance in battle school. Others in the book use manipulation on Ender to see if he is the genius/ savior they think he destined to be.

Link to Presentation