Reading Response #3, “I,Robot” Chapters 1-4

Regarding the first chapter, this short story focuses on the existence of a caretaker robot named Robbie operating for the Watson family; acting as a caretaker/friend toward the family’s child Gloria. Despite his strength-oriented design and larger frame, this robot acts as a guardian for young children from potential threats while preserving emotional connections with them. Unfortunately, this promotes well for Gloria’s mother, Mrs. Weston, who perceives Robbie s as a major threat to the safety of her daughter; believing the robotic caretaker to be a ticking time-bomb waiting to go off. This factor of prejudice against robotic lifeforms leads to Mrs. Watson orchestrating the disposal of Robbie via selling him back to his originated factory; resulting in the despondent heartbreaking of young Gloria who views Robbie as her friend and lightly diving into a spiral of sadness. Fortunately, Mr.Weston (Gloria’s father) orchestrates for  Robbie to be “found” by Gloria at the robot factory as means of proving Robbie is not a dangerous threat under the lie of psychologically shattering Gloria’s views of Robbie as her friend and merely a creature made of metal and electricity. After a close call from an incoming tractor that nearly impacted Gloria, Robbie succeeded in saving the young girl’s life and reuniting the duo. Due to this act, Robbie had officially earned Mrs. Watson’s trust and respect from the protection of her daughter, leading to Robbie coming back into the Watson family household.

Regarding the second chapter, this short story primarily focused around Mike Donovan and Gregory Powell. These two individuals are robotic engineers stationed on the surface of the planet, tasked with obtaining the necessary quantity of selenium to maintain the artificial field protecting the duo from being scorched alive via the sun rays of the planet. Donovan tasks one if his helper robots, SPD-13 (also known commonly as Speedy), to go recover the selenium due to the labor task being too hazardous for normal humans to handle but the robot ends up not returning after some time passed; pushing Donovan and Powell to pursue after the helper robot. They succeed in finding Speedy at a swift pace, only to discover the robot not daring to touch the pool of selenium; placing the duo at fore-boding risk with their space-suits having a limited time-limit of protection from the sun. Noticing the patterns behind Speedy’s actions, Powell determines the mechanical creation is caught in a looping equilibrium between the 2nd and 3rd Laws of Robotics; detailing that a robot must stabilize its self-preservation and a robot must obey the commands given by humans. With little time on their hands, Powell performs a major gamble in pushing Speedy to save his life from his exposure to the sun’s life-threatening rays via the 1st Law of Robotics: A robot MUST not harm a human, nor potentially causing harm via their inaction. To a success, Speedy breaks out of the law loop and immediately breaks Donovan and Powell back to the Space Station safely.

Concerning the third chapter, the previously addressed Powell and Donovan are currently on the space station, working alongside a newly designed robot known as QT-1; also known as “Cutie”. Cutie’s task centers around maintaining stable hold of the energy beam to prevent the electron storm from knocking it of place and causing deadly harm toward the Earth via a hazardous dose of radiation. Incidentally, Cutie refuses to believe that the human duo had any involvement in the creation of his existence with his skepticism shifting into light superiority, deluding himself in the concept of the station’s energy converter being his creator. This factor results in Cutie manipulating the other robots to foolishly fall into his delusion, perceiving him to act as “The Prophet; in turn, labeling QT-1 as a threat to Donovan and Powell’s authority. After the near havoc caused from the electron storm being ceased by Cutie himself, Donovan and Powell conclude it matters little what ideals the robots may personally possess, so long as they follow their orders and perform their assigned tasks.

Concerning the fourth chapter, Donovan and Powell are currently undergoing a mining expedition with the assistance of a newly designed robot classified as DV-5 or Dave. This robotic being is tasked with maintaining authorization of six other robots that are perceived as easily coordinated as fingers on a hand; leading to the six being named fingers by the human duo. Unfortunately, Donovan and Powell discover the robots are failing to perform their assigned tasks but fail to understand the cause of this malfunction, drawing their cautionary attention toward Dave. To potentially discover the cause, the duo destroyed the mining tunnel via explosions that resulted in Donovan and Powell being trapped inside by accident. After drawing close to the brink of death, Powell figured out Dave’s lack of reaction through his fingers. This prompted the engineer to shoot off one of Dave’s fingers, successfully concluding that the extra finger was the cause of Dave’s misguided malfunction. Waking up from his trance, Dave quickly saves the engineer duo from the collapsing tunnel.

Reading response #3 : I, Robot

I, Robot, written by Isaac Asimov, Is a sci-fi novel, with each
chapter telling a different short story.

The first chapter, started off innocent about a robot name Robbie
and a little girl named Gloria, who already have seem to have a close
relationship as a friend and they seem to have accompanied each other for
so long they’re practically not separatable. However, Gloria mother
who doesn’t believe that the robot is safe, have been worried about
Gloria and her attraction to Robbie as she would not let Robbie go
, The mother would then decide that Robbie would be returned to the factory, this would lead to Gloria being heartbroken and depressed as she no longer have Robbie. Robbie in this story was also shown as an outdated machine as Robbie doesn’t speak like a modern robot can. The robot would be later be place in the factory where he would be dismantled. Gloria mom, have decided to bring Gloria to the factory in an effort to tell Gloria that
a robot is just a machine, but that had ended up backfiring as Gloria
have made an effort to go to Robbie, endangering her life, and would
then be saved by Robbie himself. This would eventually lead to
Gloria mother trust the robot again, but also have a realization that
Gloria would still end up having to give up on Robbie one day, as
the machine will begin to rust and die out.

The next three chapters Runaround, Reason, and Reason are
the chapter that has to correlate to one another as it would talk about
the character Mike Donovan and Gregory Powell. Runaround started with both Donovan and Powell deciding that they would make a space station at mercury, so they have decided to send one of their advanced robot named “Speedy” in order to retrieve selenium at the nearest pool 17 miles away, a material that would help them power up the base. But within the 2 hour time, Donovan has noticed that Speedy was circling the pool 4 times while talking gibberish. They would then realize that Speedy himself is now in a state of conflict in which robots, Would have to follow three rules. Each of the 3 rules would act as the judicial system as one rule can override the other, this would then cost the robot to act weird and in order for him to get out of that state, One of them would have to risk their life and rescue Speedy. And so Powell would eventually endanger his own life, allowing the first rule to kick in for the robot, this would then make speedy successfully save Powell and knocking Speedy off the loop which also nearly costed Powell’s life as well because of the radiation of the mercury.

The chapter “reason”, is also a continuation of the story that would revolve around Donovan and Powell, In which they are basically maintaining
their energy beams that are being sent to a different planet. But a robot name “Cutie,” Who’s also in charge of having
to coordinates the other robots, have decided that he is much superior to
Humanity. This would eventually lead to the creation of the cult
within the robot, and have a belief of the creation of the robot was created by the “master”, which is the power source of the ship. Cutie would then
stop obeying both Donovan and Powell and would then lock both Donovan and Powell in the officer’s room. They would then have to sleep through the electron storm losing bits of hope as they believe that the robot has completely stopped obeying them. In the aftermath of the storm, They in shock that Cutie and the other robot had to maintain the beam, and were in the face still following the 3 robot law all along.  Cutie was able to find a reason for himself to control the beam, as he believed that he would do a better job than Donovan and Powell and thus have saved lives on earth.

In “catch that rabbit”, Donovan and Powell was sent for a 6 month paid vacation, and have decided to then test multiple robot name Dave, That is created to have six subsidiary robots, or in other words, “fingers” That would help them mine ore at an asteroid mining station. They realized that every time they look away from Dave, he would not produce any ores, but if they watched him. he would then do his job. They would then try to keep an eye on dave even more by surveillance his actions using video technology in order to see what’s going on behind the closed curtain. It turned out that they would stop what they were doing and will then march with other robots. This would then lead to a suspension for Donovan that lead him to believe that something “sinister” is going on. They would then plan some sort of emergency to see how dave would respond himself. Their plan was to then sort of backfired, as they would then accidentally trap themselves in. They would then throw some sort of detonator at one
of Dave’s subsidiaries in order to get his attention. This would then stop Dave from marching and freed the two-man. This would also give a realization behind the march, as it’s used to represent dave “twiddling his fingers”.

After reading through the short story. It seems like Robot themselves
are able to take action for mankind and show their usefulness and how these rules are implemented. Chapter 1 with Gloria has reminded me a lot of an anime called plastic memories. Plastic memories have shown a bond between Android and Humankind, as they have shown that a lot of them have some sort of connection toward their android, Similar to Robbie’s situation as he was outdated and was on the verge of being scrapped. Plastic
memories have a similar concept of these android having to have memories within these chips that would later expire within 9 years which causes these androids to malfunction and would later be disposed of. The anime would also tell the main protagonist that, he shouldn’t have any type of close relation toward the android as their life span are much less short than a human being. Like Gloria, he would then develop some sort of close relationship with one of the androids with which he had ended up falling in love it. But the android would then end up be dispose of its chips, which is basically the brain of the android, which would also lose the android memories of the person whom they interact with.

Reading Response #3 i,Robot Chapters 1-4

The first chapter starts with the amiable robot Robbie who serves as a companion for a sweet little girl named Gloria that likes to play hide and seek with Robbie, tell Robbie stories and play other games. Robbie, despite being much stronger, larger, and made of metal, is designed for friendship and protecting children. However, this does not comfort Mrs. Westons or Gloria’s mother who finds Robbie suspect for being a robot. Robbie being “the other” to Mrs. Weston makes him automatically suspect because Mrs. Weston  does not know if one day he will malfunction and go berserk and put her child in physical danger. This strong anti-robot prejudice leads her to dispose of Robbie by selling him back to the factory he came from. Gloria becomes distraught and despondent for her lack of a playmate and friend, especially one that she has shared so many memories with. She resists any attempt at being comforted. Only the prospect of finding Robbie in NYC brings her joy. The father Mr. Weston arranges for Robbie to be, “incidentally”, found by Gloria at the robot factory after convincing Mrs. Weston that de-mystifying the composition and make up of robots to Gloria will make Gloria devalue Robbie as just a pile of metal and electricity. When Gloria finds Robbie in the factory and rushes to embrace her, she gets in the path of the train putting herself in danger. Robbie, swiftly, interferes and removes Gloria out of harm’s way. Mrs. Weston, after realizing that this encounter has been coordinated by her husband Mr. Weston, isn’t able to hold her prejudice against Robbie as strongly after watching him save her daughter from injury or possible death. Finally, Robbie is able to return as Gloria’s companion after earning the respect of the mother and seeing the joy Robbie brings to Gloria.


The second chapter is about two engineers Donovan and Powell who are stationed on the surface of Mercury. Donovan asks one of his robots SPD-13 or Speedy to go fetch him selenium from a pool of selenium that is used to maintain an artificial atmosphere to protect the engineers from being cooked to death. Speedy, after not returning for a while, is sought after by Donovan and Powel mounted on their mechanical robots. SPD-13 is found running around the pool of selenium, seemingly inebriated and being silly, but not daring to touch the pool. The two engineers need to make haste, because their space suits can only protect them from the sun for 20 minutes and the artificial atmosphere that keeps them alive is slowly deteriorating and exposing them to the sun’s heat rays. Powell realizes that SPD-13 is stuck in a state of equilibrium between the 2nd and 3rd laws. The 3rd law that demands his self preservations and the 2nd law that commands him to obey humans come into conflict because he cannot fulfill either without breaking one. The two engineers hatch a plan to ignite his impulse for self- preservation so that he will retreat to the base, by throwing corrosive chemicals around him but this plan fails. Ultimately, Powell realizes they can break the equilibrium by forcing Speedy to act on the first law to protect human life. Powell bravely exposes himself to the sun’s deadly radiation while calling out for Speedy, and Speedy acts quickly to save his life by breaking the equilibrium and taking Powell back to the Space Station.


In the third chapter, Powel and Donovan are on the space station with a new robot QT-1 or Cutie. Cutie’s job is to hold the energy beam still so the electron storm does not knock it out of place and deliver a lethal dose of radiation to planet earth. Incidentally, Cutie does not believe he is created by humans and theorizes that the energy converter is his true creator. This quickly goes out of hand as he is able to convince the other robots to dogmatically believe in this, too. This poses a threat to Donavan’s and Powell’s authority over the robots, when they stop obeying their orders because they’ve given their allegiance totally to the energy converter. When Donovan disrespects the new chosen god of the robots, they lock him out of the control room. When it appears that the electron storm comes to wreak havoc, the energy beam remains still. It was Cutie, in fact, that held the energy beam in place not by any human orders but from the perceived orders of the “Master” or energy converter. Donovan and Powell figure that as long as the robots do their job, it doesn’t really matter what religious beliefs the robots may hold.


In the fourth chapter, Donovan and Powell are found on a mining expedition with a robot DV-5 or Dave. Dave is in control of six other robots that are supposed to be as easily coordinated as fingers on a hand and they are aptly named fingers. The two engineers are struck by why the robots are not doing their jobs as they are supposed to, even though they appear to be working. They check the video monitor to see what is going on when they are not around and find that  whenever they are unsupervised the robots stop working and march together in unison. In search for what is causing this malfunction, Donovan and Powell attempt to create an emergency to provoke Dave into action. Donovan and Powell detonate and collapse a tunnel, with themselves accidentally stuck inside. Almost dead, Powell notices that Dave and his fingers are  not reacting and continues to goose step past him. Powell discovers the source of the malfunction was that controlling the sixth finger was too overwhelming for Dave because it was one too many to handle. Hence, the marching was a nervous tick in reaction to handling too many fingers. Powell solves the problem when he shoots and breaks one of the fingers. Dave awakens from his trance and quickly saves the two engineers from the collapsed tunnel. 

Reading Response #3: I, Robot (Asimov), 1-4

I,Robot is a sci-fi book written by Isaac Asimov.

Chapter 1: The book starts off with a girl named Gloria counting to 100 who appears  to be playing hide and seek with a robot named Robbie. Gloria easily finds Robbie and then asks Robbie for a ride. Gloria convinces him
with her trump card saying if he doesn’t lend her a ride she will stop reading him stories.  Robbie placed the girl on his flat shoulders so its now clear it must be a human-like nursemaid robot. There a metaphor at page 4 comparing Robbie to an air coaster. Gloria changes Robbie’s weapons with things that sound like “shshsh”
“Brrr” “Powie” meaning these weapons are probably just cleaning utensils.  Gloria’s mother doesn’t like Robbie very much. George and his wife argue about Robbie being with Gloria all the time. (Gloria’s mother) Mrs. Weston wants to get rid of Robbie and sell him back to the
company. George ultimately say Robbie is here to stay but due to his wife asking so many times he eventually gives in. He invites Gloria to see a visivox where robots aren’t
allowed. She’s excited to tell Robbie when she’s back but Robbie isn’t there when she returns. Instead there’s a dog named Lightning she can play with instead.
Gloria’s unhappy and stays this way for awhile as her mom optimistically believes she’ll feel better in a few days. Mrs.Weston suggests they should go to New York saying she cares about Gloria’s Health. George responded saying “Its a pity you didnt think of your little girl’s health before you deprived her of her pet robot.” I thought this was pretty funny so I had to include it.
Mrs.Weston tells Gloria that they’re going for New York which excites Gloria but for the wrong reasons.
Gloria thinks they’ll be detectives in New York that will help her find Robbie. They go to a museum where they see all sorts of things trying their best to distract Gloria.
Gloria wanders off talking to a talking robot to see if it knows where Robbie went. Her mom finds her and cant stand it anymore begging for her husbands help.
George comes up with a plan to psychologically attack Gloria by convincing her that Robbie is just metal scraps and not a real person. Turns out the actual plan was showing Gloria Robbie again but it was a little dangerous as Gloria almost gets swept by a tractor but Robbie saves her.

Chapter 2:  We are introduced to two new characters, Mike Donovan and Gregory Powell who at a space station on Mercury. One of their 6 robots, Speedy has malfunctioned as they tried to make him retrieve selenium to power their base.

Now ill just briefly summarize the Laws of Robotics so this part is clear.

Law 1:  A robot may not injure a human or allow  a human being  to come to harm.

Law 2: A robot must obey the orders given by a human unless it conflicts with rule one.

Law 3: A robot must protect its own existence as long as that does not conflict with rule 2 or rule 1.

Speedy’s caught in a loop between the Second and Third Laws of Robotics running circles around the pool talking like he’s drunk.
Running out of ideas to catch Speedy, Powell puts himself in danger by practically burning to the sun. This allowed the first law of Robotics to take priority and knock Speedy out of his loop. It does backfire a little as Powell exposed himself to the radiation on Mercury which nearly kills him.

Chapter 3: Donovan and Powell are at the space station.
They’re talking to Cutie who believes he is more superior than a human being. Cutie begins to preach to the other robots at the space station that they were all created by the “Master” which is the converter. Cutie locks Donovan and Powell out of the officer’s room and no longer followers their orders. Donovan and Powell were entrusted with a mission to ensure that the beams in the officer’s room remain steady because a electron storm is on its way and if the beams are not steady it may destroy the earth’s surface. They fight their way into the
room trying their best to convince Cutie they are his maker’s. They even try building a robot in front of Cutie but Cutie still doesn’t buy it. Giving up all hope, Donovan and Powell sleep through the storm. They wake up amazed at the fact that they’re alive and couldn’t believe that Cutie managed to keep the beams steady. Cutie says he just kept the beams at equilibrium. Now that Donovan and Powell know that Cutie can handle the station they head back to earth insisting and we are left with
Donovan telling Franz Muller that the robots are pretty good.

Chapter 4:Donovan and Powell got a 6month vacation with pay and are now testing a new multiple robot named Dave. He’s a multiple robot as he has 6 subsidiary robots/fingers that enable him to mine at the mining station. Donovan and Powell notice that when Dave is not being watched by them, he and the fingers do not produce any ore. They tried to then watch Dave to see if he would make the same error but functions perfectly under supervision. Donovan and Dave try creating an emergency to see how Dave would respond and accidently trap themselves in a small cave. They get
Dave to rescue them by shooting a detonator at one of his fingers and come to the conclusion that Dave simply cant handle having six subsidiary robot (fingers) to transmit instructions in an emergency.

“danse macabre”, I noticed this in the book and apparently its french for “Dance of Death”, I’m not really sure why its used in I’robot but I thought it was worth mentioning anyways as they did highlight it in the book.

Reading Response #3 : I,Robot (Asimov) ,1-4

I,Robot is one out of the nine short stories that was written by science fiction author Isaac Asimov that mainly centers around the development of human like robots who were mainly developed to replace human labor. Throughout chapters 1-4 we get to see how as the years go by the development of these robots gets more advance. While reading the first four chapters a few things caught my attention specifically in chapter 3 titled Reason which mostly has to do with  Powell and Donovan two engineers and field tester at U.S. Robots and Mechanical Men and Cutie a  QT-1 model who is tasked with overseeing other robots at the space station where they are all located.

Powell and Donovan’s behavior towards Cutie in chapter 3 reminded of the film Metropolis and how there is some sort of class system in place where the humans in this case Powell and Donovan are superior than Cutie the robot who was created to follow instructions. This is mentioned on page 64 when Powell gets angry with Cutie after he insist that he was created by a master and not Powell and Donovan and will only follow the masters orders from now on.  Cutie states “The master created humans first as the lowest type , most easily formed , gradually , he replaced them by robots , the next higher step and finally he created me , to take the place of the last humans , from now on , I serve the master”(Asimov 64).Naturally this prompt Powell to get very upset and responds with “You’ll follow our orders and keep quiet until , we’re satisfied that you can run the converter get that ! , the converter-not the master , if you don’t satisfy us , you will be dismantled”(Asimov 64). This argument between Powell and Cutie shows that Powell holds some sort control over Cutie since he is a robot which in some ways parallels to Mr.Fredar and the underground workers who are forced to do as Mr.Freder says since he holds more power as the master of the city. We can see that there is some sort of similarity between the film Metropolis and chapter 3 of I,Robot.

However the class system is not the only thing that the film Metropolis and chapter 3 of I,Robot share. Another thing I notice while reading is how similar Freder and Cutie are even if one is a human and the other a robot. Just like in the film Metropolis everything changes when one person in particular decides to rebel against a high power and this is also the case in chapter 3 of I,Robot when Cutie demonstrates curiosity and hints that he might know he is a robot which catches the attention of both Powell and Donovan who try to do everything they can to convince Cutie that they created him as a purpose to serve them not somebody else , however this proves to be a challenge as throughout chapter 3 Cutie shows signs of rebellion and doesn’t want to believe anything that Powell tries to feed him. This is mentioned on page 66 when Donovan realizes that the robots abroad the space shuttle aren’t doing their daily task. When Donovan gets a hold of what’s going on he ask Cutie and all the robots “What the devil is this , you brainless lumps , come on ! get busy with that L-tube , if you don’t have it apart , cleaned, and together again before the day is out, I’ll coagulate your brain with alternating current”(Asimov 66) to which one of the robots reply’s “There is no master but the master and QT-1 is his prophet”(Asimov 66). This respond catches Donovan by surprise so much so that before he could respond , Cutie decides to speak up and say “I’m afraid put in Cutie himself at this point that my friends obey a higher one than you now”(Asimov66).This makes Donovan very angry and he responds by saying “The hell they do , you get out of here , I’ll settle with you later and with these animated gadgets right now”(Asimov 66). This interaction between Donovan and the rest of the robots reminded me of Freder who just like Cutie realizes that something is wrong , in his case he figures this out when he decides to visit underground where he comes face to face with the workers who are forced to work in horrible working conditions in order to maintain the city above running effectively and decides to help them which symbolizes him rebelling against a high power , similar to what the robots in chapter 3 are doing , they are choosing not to follow Powell and Donovan orders and choose to rebel against a high power who in this case are Powell and Donovan who represent the authority.

Overall I found these first four chapters were very interesting and I am glad I was able to draw parallels between these two source materials. I believe that they share similarities which I am really looking forward to discussing more in depth.



Class Notes for February 23 2021

Tuesday 02-23-21

Quick reminder : Annotations for iRobot introduction+ chapter 1 : Robbie +chapter 2 : Runaround due today. (Annotations were collected)

Homework : Read and annotate for iRobot : chapter 3 : Reason and chapter 4 : Catch that rabbit + blog post for iRobot (chapters 1-4) due Thursday.

*People’s Choice #2 : Evelyn.*

Main focus for today’s class : Going over and analyzing the film Metropolis and a mini workshop for blog posts and how to improve them moving forward.

Metropolis : Film by Fritz Lang (1927)

Metropolis is a sci-fi silent film that uses German Expressionism which is known as a German art movement that emphasizes feelings or ideas over  exaggerated body movements or facial expressions.

Thea Von Harbou : The author of the written work Metropolis which is the material the film Metropolis was based on.

Metropolis is a city that was based on New York.

Other Locations shown throughout the film include : 

  • Cathedral (Ariel)
  • Catacombs (Eric)
  • Workers City
  • Pleasure Garden.
  • Metropolis (Randy)
  1. Doppelganger : A double of a person.

Adjectives to describe Maria :

  • Honest / Pure
  • Understanding
  • Determined
  • Innocent
  • Beautiful
  • Loving
  • Transparent
  • Sincere

Adjectives to describes Robot Maria :

  •  Deceitful
  • Evil
  • Exotic
  • Chaotic
  • insane
  • Psychotic
  • Heartless
  • Lifeless
  • Problematic

2. Intertitles : Words that appear in silent films. 

3. Epigram : Quote or Verse that is introduced in the beginning of a film. An example of an epigram would be the beginning of Metropolis.

Metropolis Epigram : “The Mediator between brain and hands must be the heart.

– Class watches clips of Metropolis and Analyzes.

-Class / Hierarchy  – division within the city.

-Depict : Something is shown.

-Body language and facial expression used at the very beginning to show the underground workers.

-Underground workers wear the same uniform and look dirty.

-Change between sceneries.

-Advance machinery shown at the very beginning of the film which indicates that this film takes place in a advance society.

-The civilians living above ground look neat and polish and act more carefree.

4. Commodification : “Action or process of treating something as a mere commodity”. 

*Blogging Workshop : Helpful tips for blogs.*

  • Assignment sheet always available with details. (found under the assignments tab on open lab)  
  • Organization (make sure to organize each paragraph clearly) , citing quotes , topic sentence (for each paragraph)
  • Main idea for each paragraph.
  • Images must be cited (where you got the image from)
  • Make claims for each paragraph (stick to what you are talking about instead of talking about a lot of other things all in one paragraph)
  • Less summary and more analyzing (Don’t focus too much on summarizing  instead make sure to analyze and go more in depth)

Class Notes 2.18.21

2/18 Notes for Class by Robert


  1. Next week be ready to drop in the chat a scene from the assigned film. Describe what it is and why you picked it. Have a few scenes handy.
  2. Read the introduction and first two sections of the book iRobot; Robble and Runaround.
  3. Annotate the text and have your annotations digitized, beforehand.
  4. Make a People’s Choice Post #2 by Saturday 2/20


Science fiction is used to explore the ethical implications of different technological uses and advancements.

We discuss the elements found in the Manifest Destiny portrait, like “the other” and how, initially, encountering dissimilar and “alien” qualities in other human beings creates psychological tension and discomfort.


 Reify – to consider or represent (something abstract) as a material or concrete thing : to give definite content and form to (a concept or idea)

Anthropomorphize – to attribute human form or personality to

Cyborg a fictional or hypothetical person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body.

Personification The attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something nonhuman.

Intertextuality – The relationship between texts, especially literary ones.

Prosthesis – an artificial body part, such as a leg, a heart, or a breast implant.

German Expressionism was an early twentieth century German art movement that emphasized the artist’s inner feelings or ideas over replicating reality, and was characterized by simplified shapes, bright colors and gestural marks or brushstrokes.

Turing Testis a test of a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human.

Reading response 2 : Metropolis

Metropolis is a german sci-fi silent film created by Fritz Lang which takes place in a dystopian world of the difference between the high class and working class society. While the working class is down there working, the high class are the one who’s striving toward the top. The Metropolis as far as the film goes, is known to govern by Joh Fredersen is to be seen as a greedy man who has no interest in listening to the working class of their needs and rather runs his own city his way.

Fredersen has a son named Freder. Freder was introduced sitting in the garden when he met a woman from the worker city surrounded by children (10:00-11:00) , She told the children that their brothers and sisters live in the high rises of the city and that they are all connected.

Freder instantly develops some sort of crush toward the woman and instantly falls in love with her as she guides the children away. He would then decide to go to the working city (presumably to find the women once again) to then be shocked by the condition within the working class city. With his own eyes, he sees several lives taken away, after some sort of explosion that was caused by the machine overheating.  

From these few minutes of the film, I felt like the story has made a lot of connections within the history of the american industrial revolution, in which it is a comparison to having a lot of people working and with poor conditions within these work spaces. The incident with the explosion due to the machine can also coordinate to every incident of workers getting injured due to these machinery incidents. As the higher up are the one who’s doing less work and the working class are doing the hard labor that give little pay to even live the american, This is film had captured instances of bad working environment with poor condition, as you can see these workers are rather robots themselves, rather than human beings.

Later on in the film, Freder would soon create a robot that he has similarity to Maria, the woman whom he fell in love with, to destroy the city that his father governed. The robot would eventually encourage the working class to go on a riot and with her leading the way to shut down all the machines, which would eventually cause flooding within the working city.

This itself, have concluded the working class stress and there willingness to rebel as the higher ups are ignoring their needs and with poor condition that was seen from Freder prospective, it was as if nothing was being done to be change and thus able to make robotic maria lead a revolution against the highers up.

Reading Response # 2 – Metropolis

Metropolis the German SCI fi Film that came out in 1927 was a very interesting silent film to watch and would probably watch again if there is a version with voice acting. In the beginning of the movie we can clearly see the social differences in the movie that takes place in the future where we have a Higher Class of people in a beautiful modernized city and high skyscraper like buildings and bright skies vs the depressing underground of the depths where people in a lower class society live and work endless 10 hour days in drastic conditions making sure things run seamlessly above. We follow the movie with the start of the main character Freder a wealthy individual whose is the son of Joh Frederson who runs the whole city above and below where he finally discovers the truth of the underground society of workers when looking for Maria and decides to tell his father which is shocked from what he tells him but doesn’t seem to really care as long as things are running the way they are still. We come to see another character named Maria who is basically the workers motivation and salvation are charmed and mesmerized by her beauty which Freder ends up falling in love with. The theme of rebellion is something anticipated within the movie even at the start since the workers do not like the conditions they have to work in and Joh Fedderman suspects a possibility of workers revolting and along with the scientist Rotwang they ending finding out the secret area in the Catacombs where they praise Maria and see the effect she has on them. Later in the film Rotwang has created a robot which takes the likeness of her Maria basically a false copy that is used for destroying the city and Joh Fedderman and his son. We see throughout the movie that the copy the scientist made of Maria had the same effect on the men in the higher class society where they go wild over her dancing . Later in the film we see that the workers do rebel against the city which leads to a Feeder almost fighting for his life and the city below almost getting destroyed from a flood. Luckily they save the city and also the children who were left behind from drowning along with the real Maria and the fake one later being burned down revealing she was false. In the end the separation with the two societies was ended as Feeder makes his father come together with the Workers. This movie has shown a lot of messages including  some religious examples of where The Tower of Babel is connected to the Babel The big building in the story where Joh Fedderman resides, and the seven deadly sins, and in also how they praised Maria as a Goddess. I noticed another them is change, people are naturally going to want change regardless of what dangers and consequences may come.