What is Westworld

Westworld in the context of the show is a theme park with a western setting. The theme park unlike any other, everyday the park resets and repeat the day again. The theme park consist of automatons that are controlled and programmed to do specific actions. Guest are mostly in control of the automatons and can due what ever they want. Guest seek out automatons for adventures, similar to a regular theme park where guest seek out rides.

The main attraction of the theme park is the automatons. The automatons in the theme park are constructed in a lab which can be seen on 15:28 – 15:58. The process of how the horse is constructed from the inner part of it to the outside of the skin then to a fully functioning automaton. It shows that they are capable of creating life like beings. Furthermore the andriods in the park does not have consciousness. When Dolores was asked a question about reality, she answered “no” (2:20 – 2:40). The automatons are unable to think for themselves and act only to what they are programmed for. The one rule when creating automatons that is seen in all sci-fi films is that they  cannot kill (13:22 – 13:26). The andriod shoots at the guest multiple time and recieves no damage, android are limited when it comes with interactions with humans and their programming puts that limit on them.

The guest in the theme park is just like any customer, they get to do what they want as long as they pay the fee. The guest interact with the automatons in the park and is similar to going on a ride in a regular theme park. In 24:26 the new arriving guests interact with an automaton and agreed to go hunt the bandit. In 26:28 we can see the guest are hunting for the bandit, but the women also came along like it was no big deal. The automatons interaction are just like the rides in a normal theme park with the guest going along with the rides. Furthermore the guest has more control and freedom in the theme park. At 53:20 the guest is able to kill the automatons without any consequences and just laugh out loud. The guest are able to get their way and do what ever they want in the theme park. The guest have the ability to change storyline and change how the day progresses. The day starts out the same but as the guest interact with the automaton throughout the day the story changes and the automatons goes with the guests interactions.

The first episode of Westworld was just interactions of the guests and the automatons. It was difficult at first to distinguish the androids in the theme park from the actual human beings. The plot just help with the introduction of the character and also how the people controlling the park deal with the defective automatons. The beginning of each day is the same, which can be confusing seeing the progressions of the story. Although it is confusing the actual story is enjoyable, to see how each and every character interact with changing scenario. The ending where the mysterious man is on a cliff trying to find answers by kill the automaton, now that is a cliff hanger.

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