There will come soft rains analisys

“There Will Come Soft Rain” by Ray Bradbury, is about a far future in which civilization has been destroyed but their is one house still standing.We see another side of when there was still life around in which we see the house activated to make breakfast, cleaning, the bath, dinner, and provide security.

There is more to the story in which we see towards the middle of page 3 in which a voice that come from the study ceiling reads a poem. What I got from the poem is that even if destruction were to happen the world will keep on moving as if nothing happen (in short). Which is ironic because the house then caches on fire because of the tree that falls on the house through the kitchen window and land over the oven. We see that the house starts to stop the fire from spreading but is not successful and falls down. In the end one wall stand and when the sun rises a voice says “Today is August 5, 2026, today is August 5, 2026, today is …” (4). Even after all that disaster of the house burning down we see that even the own house has not processes what has happen and continues to proceed to continue as normal.


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