The Final Project

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Abstract: The presentation will be about a brief summary of genes followed by how recent developments in genes may improve our lives, how things improvements must be taken with caution and how sci fi uses genetic modification



Reflection: when first researching the first topic I had, I found it to be too bland and uninspired, then I decided to go for a broader topic of gene modification which seem to come up more and more in our day to day lives. Knowing that progress is an inevitability, I instead focused on how they might adversely affect us if left uncontrolled. I came to this conclusion after remembering the crazy soviet scientist that wanted to make an army of monkey men to rule the world, I found him first  a Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov. after finding that crazy old coot, I knew that there were probably some other companies that were looking to monetize something in this regard. and lord and behold I found a bunch of weirdness, from designer babies to trying to copyrighting human genes to trying to modify specifics  characteristics of the human bodies. I did at this point take a look back at the presentation format and that I should go in there like no one in the room knows what I am even talking about, and knowing that gene modification could be confusing without knowing  what a gene is, I began to search up some background info on genes, this also furthered me as i found out that cells can only take about as much data as they are given so over loading them with “new” chromosomes would be a very bad idea, which gave me a new point to discuss. i did want to start out kinda happy at the beginning in order not to sound to much a negative Nancy. I would like to know if this is too of topic but i couldn’t not included it just encase that some people in the class could get lost and my Q/A section is filled with background info and that I have failed to address my topic as people were to distracted to know what is going on. This also serves a refresher to those that may have had prior knowledge of the subject but need a reminder to kick start it and be fully engaged with the presentation.   

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