Brave New World

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley , shows how a futuristic society  tried to create a community  where everyone is happy. With the use of science women no longer gave birth babies where produced in the science lab . In the begining of the story a scientist name Henry Ford  took a group of kids to a lab where he displayed to them how humans were being produced, “And this, said the Director opening the door, is the Fertilizing Room” as spoke telling the kids the procedures they wrote the words down as soon as they came out his mouth , “Each of them carried a notebook, in which, whenever the great man spoke, he desperately scribbled. Straight from the horse’s mouth”. it was such a privilege for the group of kids that listen to scientist as he spoke.

In the Laboratory the babies where group in a caste system with Alphas being at the top followed by Beta, Gamma, Delta, and the bottom Epsilon. The eggs excluding Alphas and Beta undergoes a process that causes the egg to divide “One egg, one embryo, one adult-normality. But a bokanovskified egg will bud, will proliferate, will divide. From eight to ninety-six buds, and every bud will grow into a perfectly formed embryo, and every embryo into a full-sized adult. Making ninety-six human beings grow where only one grew before. Progress.” They could even produce up to 96 human beings from what would’ve been one. The kids were then taken to a room where a group of babies of the lower class “Delta” on the floor, in front the babies were books and flowers. The babies received a shock from an electrified strip on ground, these babies would eventually grow up to dislike nature and book and most likely will be doing factory work when they grow up on the other hand babies on the top of the system such as Alpha had a brighter future planned for them. “We decant our babies as socialized human beings, as Alphas or Epsilons, as future sewage workers or future … He was going to say “future World controllers,” but correcting himself, said “future Directors of Hatcheries.” As the group made their way outside the ran into Mustapha one of the 10 world leaders .

Mustapha Mond explain to the kids how mothers gave birth to babies in  the past and how they would grow up and lived with their family , the kids were disgusted . They didn’t have any idea what he was talking about they were more comfortable watching and hearing about babies being born in a lab. Even thought the main goal of the scientist were to make everyone happy in a perfect community not everyone was satisfied. Bernard who was apart of the Alpha society wasnt satisfied with his body size being smaller than the men in his caste, he felt left out. Benito noticed that bernard looked annoyed and offered him a drug called soma that would make him happy.

The reading raises a lot of questions one of which i have to ask is what is the definition of happiness ,  why couldn’t all  the babies that were being produce have equal role in the community. Even with the help of technology people that were at the higher rank in the caste system still wasn’t happy  for example Bernard. People can dream or try to create a world where everything is perfect sort of a utopian environment but things will never be perfect  based on reality.



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