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Starting my project, I initially wanted to do something in relation of space or astronomy.  While I am not sure how to narrow my search even more except with some more time on my research, I am quite sure my topic will be in relation in the broad topic of space.

The first thing I did was to google space to get a good idea¬†about it. ¬†Reading through it, I then remembered how you told me that space and astronomy are 2 different things, so I then went to look up the difference where I found out a little about it and 2 other terms, Astrophysics and cosmology. ¬†Astronomy is the observation of space to understand it. ¬†Astrophysics relates to the physical process of how space works. ¬†Cosmology is the study of the universe’s beginning and evolution. ¬†Wanting to know a bit more on Cosmology, I research ed it a bit more. ¬†Though, I did not find that was worth much for me to jot down. ¬†I then looked up NASA. ¬†NASA stands for National Aeronautic and Space Administration. Looking through it, I found articles in relation to stars and galaxies, which I thought was cool. ¬†For example, when galaxies collide with each other, they merge into one. ¬†However, the galaxies NASA observed and was talking about were spinning to fast to merge, despite being a few thousand light years away from each other. Light years is a really large distance used to measure distance between spacial bodies. ¬†For 2 galaxies to be that far from each other is still relatively close since many things in space tend to be much farther away. ¬†Speaking of which, I I went to a website called “TV Tropes” to read about things relating to space.

When it comes to creating science fiction, some to a lot of aspects about is taken in artistic liberty. For example, in many science fiction media, spacecrafts are drawn with rockets propelling them to their destination. ¬†This is false according to TV tropes because the rockets propelling the spacecraft only need to be on for turning and changing speeds. ¬†That makes sense when reflecting that space is a vacuum with gas dispersed far from itself. ¬†Since an object in motion stays in motion, rockets don’t need to be on for maintaining it’s speed. ¬†Also, bodies in space is very much spaced out from each other, so looking out into space during space travel should look very empty sans a few stars in few similar to how we see stars in the night sky. ¬†The reason for science fiction for showing space travel, spaceship fights, and such are for several reasons from lacks of research, to outdated sources, to using only parts of the facts about space to tell an interesting story.

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