Social Norms in Science Fiction

So far, most Science Fiction stories seem to have some type of social norm that people keep up with. With the social norms comes a sense of individuality that is closely linked to these norms. Each story has its own definition of it. For example, in Brave New World, the “individuality” in the alphas wasn’t actually much different from the social norms set up. They acted within the parameters of an alpha. In Nineteen Eighty-Four, individuality was there, but was not encouraged in the slightest. In fact it was punished.

Usually, these social norms are set up by the ruling party or faction in the world/society. When following the norm is enforced and acting out of it is punished, it becomes much more. It ends up as rules to live by, or else.

I would like to explore deeper into the social norms in Sci-Fi societies. I want to contrast them to the social norms of our current world. Obviously there are many stories in which the social norms are very similar to our own, but I want to know more about the ones that aren’t. The extreme cases and the minor.

One thought on “Social Norms in Science Fiction

  1. Thanks Jesse for this proposal. The question of “social norms” (or dominant beliefs, propaganda, systems of rule) in science fiction societies is interesting, but this is a huge topic that needs to be focused greatly in order to form the basis of a productive research proposal. Doing some more exploratory research will help. Revise your proposal to be more specific, so that I can provide more feedback.

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