Revised Proposal

So for this project I think I am going to go with artificial intelligence. I am thinking of choosing this topic because it is something we are surrounded by everyday, especially at this time and age where it is more advanced. Also as the years keep on passing it will get more advanced as well. Throughout the years when we first had cell phones we could only use it for basic stuff like calling or texting or even internet and we had to do all of those by ourselves. Nowadays if we say “Siri” or “google search” or some other thing on our smart phones it can perform functions like that and also other functions like calling, etc. It is because the phones have their own intelligence and we are using it for our needs. AI is also used in many other various uses like the military uses it or scientists uses it or others as well. Some aircrafts or weapons can function through artificial intelligence. It is interesting because AI can be both beneficial to humans or even have negative effects on humans. It can be beneficial because we use it for many uses and as we develop it and it gets to be more advanced it can be focused on bigger things like trying to prevent wars or help out with world hunger or even be used to develop new other things like better technology. The negatives about AI would be that it can overpower us if we are not too careful because since it is a concept or a being that is in the realm of intelligence than it can use that to do something that can be harmful or bad.

Since we have smart phones that contain artificial intelligence, that concept or idea can be used to create something a little similar like smart homes or smart factories which can than make countries who would be able to have that sort of technology in their possessions much more advanced and better as well. Not only does AI be able to operate in terms of data being used but it can also be able to learn by it’s ownself so that it can improve. It can even be possible that it would surpass human capabilities despite the fact that this was created by humans itself. Various countries like Singapore applies the concept of using AI which helped influenced the way they deal with the economics, schooling and other aspects of their society by use of data.





Reflection- So far I found this topic to be interesting because this is something that we deal with everyday. As I was doing research for this project I got to learn more about it and also was able to expand my knowledge on this topic as well. I was able to learn what positives and what negatives that artificial intelligence has to offer. Also it is interesting because of the way it has developed throughout the years. I remember growing up and it was not nearly as advanced but as I got older, it got to be really advanced and sophisticated. I am hoping in this project that I can learn more and there are still things I need to improve on also.

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