Response on Metropolis Film

 Metropolis is a 1927 silent German expressionist science fiction  film directed by Fritz Lang. It takes place in a futuristic Utopian city. The city is divided by to social classes the wealthy people and the working class. The wealthy  live above ground in the beautiful city. While the working class live and are slaving away under ground working long hours and being mistreated. At the beginning of the film, you are shown the big contrast between these 2 social classes. Around 4 minutes into the film you can see  the workers  switching shifts . They walk in sync, lifeless with their heads down. Meanwhile , the rich enjoy the riches above with lecture hall , theaters and stadiums. One of the main characters ,the son of Joh Fredersen , master of the city , Freder is hanging out enjoying his time in a pleasure garden, but is interrupted by the arrival of a young woman named Maria, who has brought a group of workers’ children to witness the lifestyle of the rich. She tells them that these are their brothers before she is send away and back to the underground along with the children. Freder intrigued by the women named Maria follows them to the underground city. He witnesses the conditions these workers are put through and  after an accident informs  his father about this.  Freder rebels and decides to help the workers, after seeing his fathers indifference tours them.  Someones idea of a Utopia  is not always the same for others. Joh Fredesen Utopian  city  happened at the expense of the the working class and because of this causes an up rise. Similar to The Machine Stops people  question this idea. Why are things the way they are?

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