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Artificial intelligence is a broad and very complex concept that is applied in everyday life and also has an effect on various things or tasks that we perform in everyday life also. Like for example it has an effect on how we shop or perform jobs that requires objects or machinery also. Artificial intelligence is also something that can be found within many areas, which could be computers, weapons, video games and many other areas or concepts. Artificial intelligence is also something that has been around for a long time and it continually develops and improves over time. One of the main aspects that artificial intelligence can be found in would be video games. In the world of video games it is also something that has been improving throughout the years and introduces people to new innovations. It coincides with artificial intelligence because it is used when creating the story and characters that are found within the games. Also use of AI in games actually affects how players would think of possible solutions to solve problems as it improves their thinking and help them improve in certain areas that pertains to the brain as they apply that in the real world.

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