Reading Response#3: Brave New World

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is a science fiction story that happens to take place in a timeframe where readers would observe and notice that there are some scientific techniques that are utilized within the society like for example human cloning. It seems that the setting is in a futuristic tense and also in book one of the locations that it takes place in would be in Central London and also technology plays a big role in society.  In the first chapter on page 15, it uses the three words “community, identity, and stability” as a motto and it is a saying for the cloning that they do to produce humans. The way human beings are produced is differently than the way they usually are, they are created by parts that are fertilized and they are packed and then analyzed to see what caste they would belong into so that they can determine where they would be sent to to perform tasks and they are created in many numbers so that many can perform tasks. The World State also uses some of the babies in which it makes nurses try to give them flowers and books but as they approach those things they are than shocked than soon afterwards they do not want to be involved with those objects, which leads them to dislike the objects.  This process would make them grow up with a hatred of books and flowers.

Throughout the story human reproduction and what the people do socially in the world are controlled and altered and it seems as though this utiopia is actually a brutal one because of all of that.  As the director is giving the students a tour, he takes them to see a area in which many boys are playing with others while they are naked. One boy was uncomfortable with what was happening around him and he was sent to a psychologists. Usually a type of play or interaction like that among adolescence would be considered wrong but in the World State that concept does not really seem to apply to them. A character by the name of Mond is introduced and he is one of the leaders of the civilization at that time. There was history before the World State became like it is today, there used to be stabiity among the people but it lead to various bad things like war or disease which caused many deaths. Since the world state exists it implements it’s policies on the way reproduction and social interactions are so that they would not end up dealing with conflicts that can cause problems for them.

This story is interesting because of the fact that we get to read about a type of society that involves almost utmost control over it’s people in a way. Usually when reading science fiction stories it would seem that there would have more freedom but in this story it is a bit different. Also I find it interesting because of the fact that the civilization does various things differently that we living in the real world would consider to be not right.


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  1. Jaraad, you have some good ideas here (freedom, control, different norms in this society than our own), but you should foreground your own claims/analysis more (this post has a lot of summary, especially paragraph 1) & organize your discussion more effectively by separating out different ideas into different paragraphs, each with a topic sentence that reflects that paragraph’s focus (you have many ideas jumbled together (especially in paragraph 2). Also, you should include textual evidence (quotes, with citations) to support your discussion.

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