Reading Response Blog#7:1984

In the text Nineteen Eighty-Four, the story continues off from Winston still living in the depressing conditions that the party and society still has to offer. He is than interacting with another character by the name of Julia and she is also another member of the party that they are both apart of. They both have and affair and make love and they do it in secret because that type of stuff is forbidden for certain reasons in Oceania. Also Winston has flashbacks of the last time he seen his mother and that he felt responsible for her death which shows that he is thinking on a human approach and trying to remember things in a difficult situation of living in the society he is apart of now.

Winston and Julia start to have a affair and have sexual exchanges in opportunities that they find when they can be able to. According to the book it says: “There were evenings when they reached their rendezvous and then had to walk past another without a sign, because a patrol had just come round the corner or a helicopter was hovering overhead.”(page, 131). This describes how the two of them had to keep their affair a secret and be stealthy about it so that they would not get caught and penalized for it. This means that both of these characters want to live their lives in a way where they don’t follow the unjust standards and rulings of the society that they are living in. What the two of them are doing shows that they are actually being more human because this symbolizes a kind of love between the characters. It shows that they don’t respect and they have a dislike of what is going on around them and they want to be different from that.

In the text there is also mention of something called “Hate Week”, in which it seems to be a kind of tradition in which the people would demonstrate their dislike and usually there are meetings and other workings that the ministry processes it for it and Winston works a lot on that as well. Also a man by the name of Syme vanished, which would mean that he got vaporized and his existence from¬†the society is no more. According to the book it says: “It looked almost exactly as it had looked before-nothing had been crossed out-but it was one name shorter. It was enough. Syme had ceased to exist; he had never existed.”(page,151). This means that whenever someone¬†in the¬†party is getting rid of the existence of their lives and records would be¬†erased like Syme being part of the Chess committee. It shows that¬†the time and society that they are living in is unjust because¬†they would get rid of records¬†or evidence of the existence of another person which shows a type of corruption.

Later on when Winston was talking with O’Brien, he than gets a book from him and joins a brotherhood that is against the ideals of the party. Than afterwards he and Julia get captured. According to the book it says: “It occurred to Winston that for the first time in his life he was looking¬†, with knowledge, at a member of the¬†Thought Police.”(page, 230).¬†When Winston notices that it was the homeless man Mr.Charrington that helped aided in his capture to be one of the¬†Thought Police, it shows¬†that they were not safe from anyone or¬†anything and they could not avoid Big Brother and the society even though they were careful about it. It also symbolizes that no matter the actions that¬†they commit secretly that they were going to get caught regardless and that they are always watched, it’s just they don’t realize it.

It was a crazy turn of events that happened towards the end of this part of the book because it shows that the society has a way of finding out things in ways that many would least expect it. It will be interesting to find out what will happen to Winston and Julia.

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