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Science fiction theories over the years are finally beginning to come to life. We’ve all watched fiction movies with robots playing human roles, but what if I tell you that robots might soon be playing a role in your life. According to a new report from the Consultancy Firm PwC by the year 2030, automated bots can replace up to 40% of the U.S jobs, 30% of the United Kingdom, 35% Germany and 21% in Japan. That’s over 2billion jobs half of the World total jobs, at the beginning of the course we read a novel called “The Machine Stops” and the way that story ended was  heartbreaking.

Times are hard even with the amount of jobs we have now people are still struggling, some having to work two and three jobs just to maintain. With technology reaching to higher heights the pressure is rapidly increases only awaiting to erupt, if people have no jobs and no jobs equals no money what is this world going to come to. Technology is for the better when it benefits everybody not just one group of people, the rich get richer while the poor get poorer a saying that some’s up the society we’re living in. We see from the “Machine Stops” Vashti looking up to the Machine as her God and when the machine finally came to a stop it’s like her life came to an end. Vashti even neglected going to see her son because she didn’t want to her “Machine run” community to go into the real world where her son lived.

The article from the “Consultancy Firm PwC”, stated that “Average pre-tax incomes should rise due to the productivity gains, but these benefits may not be evenly spread across income groups, researchers concluded”. This goes back to my point from the previous passage about the rich getting richer…… Only the rich folks that can afford to purchase these new machinery will benefit from these new technological equipment’s. What about the people that need that two and three jobs to survive, who will provide for their needs. This is just the beginning there will be more and more new ideas which will bring new inventions that we have no say in regards to the creation. My point doesn’t attack technology it’s the use of the technology that’s my main focus, for instance if they created so much destructive weaponries maybe we would be leaving in a more peaceful world.

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  1. Thanks Kelz for this proposal. I like that you’re interested in exploring the connection between technology, jobs, and human’s financial status, but it’s unclear how specifically you are going to address this large topic. Revise this proposal to be more specific about what you are going to pursue (and how it relates to science fiction).

    I’m glad that you incorporated some research into your proposal. Remember that you have to cite your sources, always (even including a link would be helpful!).

  2. Also, this post is categorized incorrectly. Please edit it to remove the “Westworld” category and add the correct one (“Proposals, Drafts” under “Final Research Project”). Thanks!

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